Liz Buchanan

Liz Buchanan

Actor: Eileen McCallum

Liz lived many years without learning a single thing, then finally the scales fell from her eyes. Liz may be in the evening of her life but if anyone knows it's never too late to change, it is Liz. Proud and graceful, Liz cares what other people think - a lot. She's found true love and companionship with Malcolm and discovered that she really can be loved just for herself. Malcolm's wisdom and protection keep Liz in check and she's finally learning to let go of some of her hang ups and have a little fun.

Liz's late husband Richard seemed like a catch at first. He was a lawyer and, on the surface, a good match for the working class Liz. Once the ring was on her finger however Richard let his true colours show as a bullying manipulator who enjoyed putting his wife and son down. Liz was embarrassed to go back to her family and tell them the truth, everyone thought she had done so well and Liz herself had been a little boastful. She sucked it up for the sake of her pride and her child. This was a mistake. The poisonous household bred a poisonous son and Liz was powerless to prevent Archie turning into his father. Liz forced her real emotions undercover in favour of the shallow task of keeping up appearances. Her greatest disappointment has been her relationship with Archie. Liz blames herself for his twisted actions and personality. She will never be able to forgive herself fully for "killing" her son.

Liz was tricked and manipulated by Archie just as she had been by his father. When Liz stepped in to stop Archie strangling Gina she struck out at both son and father. The resulting blow appeared fatal and when Gina swung into action to cover up the crime Liz was too shocked and traumatised to object.

Liz was desperate to confess to her crimes and when Archie reappeared as Douglas she saw sheltering and protecting him as some form of atonement. When Archie's memory returned he manipulated his mother again to have her help him against Gina. Liz's guilt led her to do this and she was relieved when Gina found it in herself to forgive the betrayal. Liz's relationship with Malcolm offers her the chance of some salvation. She loves and respects him and is finally learning to love and respect herself too.

Liz proved herself to be the rock at the centre of her adopted family when the Hamiltons were devastated by the tragic deaths of Franco and Nazir. When Malcolm received some worrying health news she turned down his proposal of marriage - she's happy with their relationship the way it is, no matter what uncertainties the future may hold.

Her world was rocked when the truth about Archie's whereabouts was finally revealed. Malcolm took drastic actions to ensure Liz may have a chance of receiving justice for Archie's murder at the hands of Lenny Murdoch - he gave false testimony.
With Lenny facing a murder trial over his son, the strain of upholding the untruth about the night of Ewan's death tormented Malcolm. Liz convinced Malcolm not to risk perjury in backing up Lydia's story implicating Lenny in Ewan's murder. Malcolm finally told the authorities the truth about Ewan's accident on the scaffolding, ensuring Lenny's release. Enjoying a cast iron relationship with her loving gentleman friend, Liz's place is right at the heart of the Hamilton family.

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