Leyla Brodie

Leyla Brodie

Actor: Maryam Hamidi

Leyla was widowed when her only child Adeeb was a toddler. She has spent many years as a single mum, relying on her parents for practical support whilst she earned a living as a medical rep. Leyla has given up this career in order to support Michael with his new GP practice.

Close to her Iraqi-born parents, Leyla is a non-practising Muslim. She respects her religion but wasn't afraid to marry out of it for love. She supports Adeeb's curiosity for Islam and his heritage but has a sense of humour about cultural differences.

With a university background, Leyla is bright, forthright, and fearless. She's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and to fight for what's right. Michael and Leyla have a tempestuous relationship - he's used to getting his own way and people following his orders from his army days. As much as they may row passionately, they make up for the rows in a similar vein. Their marriage is new but full of promise.

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