Kirsty Henderson

Kirsty Henderson

Actress: Kari Corbett

Kirsty was killed in a car accident in Wales.

Kirsty ran away from Shieldinch in 2003. Daughter of Eileen's first marriage to Raymond, Kirsty lived in The Tall Ship with her mum and step-dad, Tommy. Kirsty was definitely daddy's little princess, and played on that whenever she needed money or refuge from the Tall Ship.

Before running away to London she fell for barman, Russ Minto, but their relationship never really got started as he discovered she was only 15. Kirsty underwent a radical image change and continued to cause trouble wherever possible.

Kirsty and Hazel had never really got on together, but the friction increased when Hazel blamed Kirsty for Tommy's death. Kirsty felt so deeply unhappy in Shieldinch that she ran away. Eileen eventually tracked her down in Wales, where she was living with Russ. Sadly, Kirsty was killed in a car accident in Wales, devastating her family.

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