Kelly-Marie Adams

Kelly-Marie Adams

Actress: Carmen Pieraccini

Kelly-Marie is living in Peru with boyfriend Michael. Her relationship with Michael has hit the rocks so her brother Bob has gone out to see her.

Kelly-Marie, like her brother, Stevie, spent a few years working away from the area but returned to Shieldinch after Bob's accident. Kelly is upfront like her mother, but unlike Scarlett, she gets what she wants through charm and persuasion. She talked her way into a job at the salon and quickly made friends.

Kelly's also a big hit with the opposite sex. She had a fling with Billy that he wanted to end when his wife Della returned to Shieldinch. However, Kelly wasn't so willing to let him go, and pretended to be pregnant to try and keep their affair going. Kelly just couldn't understand why nobody had any sympathy for her once it was revealed that she'd lied about the baby. Kelly couldn't cope, and fell back on drugs for support, getting herself into trouble with JP. However, she sorted herself out, and was so worried that brother Stevie was getting in over his head with McCabe through his own involvement with drugs that she shopped Stevie to save him from McCabe.

She became engaged to football star Andrew Murray. They had their problems, but things went well enough for her to move to Monaco with him for his footballing career. Life as a footballer's wife wasn't all she hoped and it was a long time before Kelly faced facts. She finally left Andrew after he cheated on her several times and she came home to Shieldinch. She was initially horrified when Father Michael declared his love for her but when he left the priesthood she realised she loved him too. Scarlett refused to accept their relationship; Kelly-Marie and Michael left Shieldinch without making up with her mum.

Kelly returned as soon as she heard about Jimmy's accident and she's made up with Scarlett.

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