Jimmy Mullen

Jimmy Mullen

Actor: Billy McElhaney

Jimmy Mullen is one of the good guys, a diamond in the rough. He's a loyal, kind-hearted man with a fierce sense of fair play. Jimmy's vast life experience and live and let live attitude means he'll let a fair bit go by in the interests of keeping the peace, but push him too hard and Jimmy will come back fighting. Jimmy is a much-loved resident of Shieldinch and his easy humour and reliability have made him some good friends, particularly in Raymond, but there's more to Jimmy than that. Loveable he may be but Jimmy is also McCabe's eyes and ears in Shieldinch. Jimmy may look harmless and keeps himself in check but he's got form.

Jimmy's one blind spot is Scarlett. Jimmy lusted after Scarlett for years and suffered the agony of her rejection. It wasn't until he had a brush with death that Scarlett declared her love; it took a while for Jimmy to believe it was love and not pity that drove her to it. Now that Jimmy has found happiness he's going to hang onto it but he needs to learn that can't be at the cost of his self-respect. As happy as Jimmy is, in his heart of hearts, can he be absolutely sure that Scarlett loves him?

Jimmy was the eldest son of a proud Leith docker. Jimmy followed his father into the yards and the union. His keen sense of fair play and likeable nature saw Jimmy rise up the ranks and when the discontent of the Thatcher years arrived Jimmy was at the forefront of union action. His principles cost Jimmy his job and his first marriage. Finding himself out of the house and out of work, a disaffected Jimmy found employment of sorts with gangster McCabe. He proved a real asset to McCabe who was keen to keep him close, particularly when he went head-to-head with Lenny Murdoch. The ensuing troubles landed Bob in serious danger, something which greatly troubled Jimmy.

When he discovered he was going to be a father, Jimmy made the decision to go straight once and for all. He's desperate to be a good father and for principled Jimmy that means earning his money fair and square. Jimmy suffered a serious setback when an accident left him paralysed from the waist down in 2007. Jimmy refused to accept that he may never walk again and kept faith against the odds. His bravery paid off when, after a gruelling recovery, he was able to dance with Scarlett at their wedding in 2008.

Jimmy's relationship with Scarlett was put through the wringer when Scarlett's desire to "improve" herself, led to her being privately tutored by Professor Michael Learmonth. This left Jimmy feeling jealous and inadequate.

Jimmy rescued Scarlett when he burst into Learmonth's lair where he had imprisoned Scarlett. It turned out that Michael was the Shieldinch sex attacker. Jimmy made Scarlett see that Learmonth couldn't be the end of her journey and that she must continue with her education.

Christmas 2009 was a time for secrets to be revealed in the Mullen household when Scarlett's younger brother, Bob, her mother Molly and then Theresa her sister arrived on their doorstep. Jimmy was shocked that Scarlett had lied about her family all this time but he can never stay mad at her for long.

Yet more secrets are set to explode in the Mullen household. Will Jimmy have the strength to remain standing by his woman?

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