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Jamie's teenage crush on Iona got out of control and his mum took him and his brother to live on Mull.

Jamie is the eldest son of Eddie and Tina and big brother to the troublesome Paul. A fairly sensible kid, Jamie handled his parents' marriage break-up well and, unlike Paul, welcomed Scott into his life. The one thing that he hasn't been able to deal with is the brutal murder of his father. Jamie has grown increasingly apart from his family and more and more withdrawn, he does have a friend in Nicki - the two share woeful parental troubles.

He's been seeing Nicki for a while now and the pair started talking about sleeping together. Amber took over and set them up with an opportunity but then brought a party of folk round and spoiled the moment! Their families then got involved and mortified them with talk about safe sex. Eventually they did sleep together but it was too big a step for Nicki and she freaked out a little. They agreed to take things slowly.

Actor: Anthony Martin

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