Iona McIntyre

Iona McIntyre

Actress: Claire Knight

Iona McIntyre likes a laugh; she works to live, not the other way around, and worries about things passing her by. If there's a carry on happening Iona wants to be at the centre of it. An open-minded and open-hearted girl, Iona doesn't always take herself particularly seriously.

Perhaps it comes from being the baby of the family. Iona's big sisters, Roisin and Shona, have always bailed her out and made excuses for her behaviour. Iona needs to stand on her own two feet - now is the perfect time. Iona is easily influenced and this has led her into trouble with men. Generally she thinks the best of people and whilst this naivety is very charming it's been the cause of a few scrapes and heartbreaks. Iona plays the clown sometimes to hide her real feelings. She rarely admits to being hurt, preferring to laugh off pain rather than truly face it.

Iona grew up in the north with sister Shona and their strict Presbyterian parents. Iona kept in touch with her biggest sister, Roisin when she was banished from the house for being pregnant. Roisin adores Iona and has treated her almost as a daughter. Iona's relationship with Shona was a little trickier. When she was only 16 Iona was seduced by Shona's then husband, Tony.

Discovery of the affair led to Shona losing the baby she was carrying and the sisters' relationship was all but destroyed. Shona eventually truly forgave Iona when it was Iona who stepped in to try and prevent Tony ruining Shona's wedding to Raymond. In the ensuing rammy, Iona was her sister's staunchest defender and showed uncharacteristic maturity in dealing with the situation. Iona has an affair with Ruth's husband, Marty. It was a low point and Marty broke Iona's heart.

Iona experienced true heartbreak when she lost her sister, Shona, to a brain tumour. She left to live with Roisin in the Highlands and then returned to Shieldinch, devastated by her loss. Raymond helped her realise that she needs to move on. She moved out of The Ship and vowed to make the deli a success as her sister would have wanted.

Despite tension due to Iona having an affair with Ruth's husband, Iona slowly formed a strong friendship with Ruth.

Iona clicked with Big Bob and, as his pal, she's a source of support and encouragement in their musical pursuits. However, will their friendship survive if Bob plucks up the courage to reveal his true feelings for her?

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