Harry Black

Harry Black

Harry has resigned from the police, after being disgusted by the handling of Eddie's case.

Harry was the officer who looked after Jo and Ruth when they were in jail. He went on a date with Kelly-Marie, but the pair decided that they weren't suited. Kelly then set Harry up on a date with Ruth. They got on well initially, but split up when Harry said Ruth was too controlling. After Ruth made Harry think she had a stalker, they got back together but split up again after Ruth lost her temper and attacked Harry. Ruth vowed to make Harry regret his decision, and claimed that Harry hit her. Harry's boss, Eddie, discovered that this was a lie, and Harry has since passed his sergeant's exams and been promoted.

He was involved in the set-up of Lenny at the docks and bravely jumped into the Clyde to help save Bob. He wasn't happy when Eddie decided to come out at work, and has been shocked by his boss's murder. He's doing all he can to find Eddie's killer but his new boss, Whiteside, isn't making his life easy.

Actor: Carter Ferguson

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