Gina Hamilton

Gina Hamilton

Actress: Libby McArthur

Being a mum is Gina Hamilton's raison d'être. She approaches everyone with a maternal concern. Gina is extremely family-orientated, whether it's her girls or latterly Liz, Gina will do anything for those she counts as her own. Despite Gina's tragic track record with love she remains a romantic at heart. Experience has made Gina a little tougher but she secretly still believes in a happy ending, just maybe not when it comes to her.

It's perhaps little wonder that Gina suffers from low self-esteem. It's a problem that goes back further than her marriages. Gina has always seen Eileen as the "pretty one" and the feeling of being the older, homlier sister has haunted her entire life. Eileen has a different take on things of course; Gina has always been their father's favourite after all.

Gina has lowered her expectations of life as each relationship has chipped away a little more of her self-belief. Having said all of this, Gina is remarkably resourceful and strong when push comes to shove. Since Archie she's really toughened up and vowed not to be a fool again.

Gina has lived in Shieldinch for most of her life. She had her first baby, Ruth, in her early twenties after falling pregnant on the cruise ship where she was a singer. Gina was a single parent until she met Italian Franco, the love of her life. Franco took on Gina and Ruth and soon the couple had Joanne. Life was sweet and the Oyster Café was a thriving family business. Gina was widowed young when Franco tragically died in his thirties. She threw herself into bringing up the girls and running the cafe alone.

Gina was unlucky in love twice after Franco. Firstly she fell for the charms of Dr Marcus Mackenzie, who raped her, and then the dastardly Archie Buchanan who was simply after her money. Things took a sinister turn when Gina discovered Archie was having an affair and planning to leave her and his mother Liz destitute.

A struggle ensued during which Archie was seemingly fatally wounded at Liz's hand. Gina pulled out all the stops to ensure Liz remained out of prison and, with Eileen's help, disposed of Archie's body. When Archie returned, suffering from memory loss, Gina allowed history to repeat itself and fell for him all over again. Fortunately for Gina she wised up and realised that Archie's memory had returned.

It took all the strength Gina had left to finally throw him out of her life and she's been looking forward, not back, ever since. When Shieldinch became the hunting ground for a serial sex attacker Gina was among the most concerned. When her worst fears came true and she found herself facing the attacker, Gina surprised herself by fighting him off. Fighting off an assailant is one thing but Gina's greatest challenge is one of the heart. With her history it's going to be tough for Gina to allow herself to love again.

Gina's world was shaken to its foundations when Jo was involved in a fatal car accident and her grandchild Franco was killed.

She had a huge shock when the police uncovered the body of Archie in the boatyard. However Gina soon realised she'd have to be strong to support Liz.

As usual Gina remains a shoulder to cry on for Eileen and continues to help her family in anyway she can, from Eileen and her unexpected pregnancy, to Ruth and her turbulent love life. She is still very much taking on everyone else's problems and not leaving much time for herself.

Her growing attraction to Murray was hindered by the fact that her sister was dating him. Eileen soon realised Murray wasn't for her and eventually gave her blessing for Gina and Murray to become a couple.

Gina and Murray are happily coupled up. However Gina is nervous - will she allow her heart to love again??

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