Gerry McGrade

Gerry McGrade

Gerry is paralysed down one side after his abuse of cocaine caused him to have a stroke.

Gerry McGrade is the original working-class boy made good. Educated at the local comprehensive, he breezed through his exams with the minimum effort, gaining a place at Strathclyde University's law school, where he clawed his way through his course by dint of sheer determination and ferocious ambition.

Gerry did his traineeship with Buchanan Associates where Frank McKenna took him under his wing. Smart, hard-working, relentlessly ambitious, McKenna saw much of his youthful self in his young protégé. Gerry, while initially admiring of his mentor, believes he is destined for bigger and better things than McKenna, and has since become junior partner in Archie's law firm.

Gerry embarked on a relationship with Heather but this was rocked when she started playing happy families with Duncan and Freya. Gerry managed to come to terms with it though and has a great friendship with little Freya. Gerry went to Australia with Heather and her family after asking her to marry him. She hadn't responded by the time they left but he came back alone, and has admitted he felt like a spare part in the relationship.

He since became involved with Niamh, a crooked lawyer with a past, who set her sights on Gerry and he couldn't resist. Gerry knew she had been in prison but he had no idea that it was all down to his chum Archie! Heather had a rude awakening when she returned to Shieldinch to find Gerry in bed with Niamh, but Heather and Gerry have since got back together.

Gerry was shocked by Archie's deceptions and arrest, and started his own business with Fi. Since Fi left, he's run the place on his own. Purely by fluke, he managed to get Shona free from jail and revelled in the glow of publicity.

Unfortunately, that revelry got out of hand. He's become really dependent on cocaine, is losing control of work, and is keeping his drug use a secret from Heather.

Actor: John Paul McGilvray

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