George Henderson

George Henderson

George passed away with his family at his bedside, in February 2007.

George was the self-elected head of the Henderson household and he tended to be quite vocal with his opinions on life. George suffered a heart attack a long time ago but made a full-recovery. He was perturbed when his daughter Alice returned to Shieldinch, years after he paid her to leave.

His relationship with wife Moira faltered after she discovered the truth about Alice's pay-off, but things began getting back on track. Before George could agree to renew their wedding vows, Moira was killed in a car crash caused by their grandson, Brian

George was shattered after the loss of Moira, but his discovery of some love letters addressed to her made him wonder if their marriage was based on a lie. The letters turned out to be from Derek's dad, Mac, who had had affairs with both Moira and Alice. When Mac was back in Shieldinch, George was always ready for a fight with him. However, his temper was calmed somewhat after falling in love with Della's mum, Shirley, although the couple did have many an argument.

George knocked Jo over in his taxi at Archie and Gina's wedding, and although she was fine, he struggled to forgive himself for what happened.

He recovered from that but towards the end of 2006 he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He took a long time to come to terms with his terminal illness and kept it a secret until Shirley saw him with his nurse, Jessica, and accused him of an affair. He had to admit the truth and the whole family was devastated.

Before his death, he and Shirley married and he made amends with his brother, Robert, who he hasn't spoken to for years. Robert admitted he had an affair with Moira and it transpired that he's Alice's real father. George didn't want to bear any grudges but his dying wish was that Robert didn't tell Alice the truth.

George passed away with his family at his bedside, in February 2007.

Actor: John Murtagh

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