Della Davies

Della Davies

Della is at home in Spain with her son, Sammy.

Della had been with Billy since they left college. She was a stabilising influence on Billy, and for years turned a blind eye to his womanising and gambling, knowing she'd always be the one he wanted. However, when Kelly Marie announced she was carrying Billy's child, it was too much for Della, who wanted children of her own. She threw Billy out. Later, she discovered that Billy had fertility problems and that Kelly had to be lying. Della forgave Billy and took him back.

Billy hadn't learned any lessons, though, and gambled Della in a bet to Lewis Cope. Billy lost and, as a cover, tried to convince Della to sleep with Lewis and help solve their baby worries. Della found out the truth and gave Billy his marching orders again. However, she became a 'mother' when a young girl, Michelle, abandoned her baby in Billy's office. Della was determined to keep the baby - which she named Olivia - even if it means breaking the law. In her desperation to get rid of Michelle, Della made a huge mistake; she offered Michelle money. Michelle was disgusted, and with Bob and Kelly's help, got custody of Olivia.

Della hit rock bottom after the loss of the baby, but found some comfort in her relationship with Cormac. When she discovered she was pregnant, it seemed to be the answer to her prayers. However, the baby wasn't Cormac's - the father was in fact Lewis Cope. Following advice from her mum Shirley, Della decided to give Lewis a chance. However, when she realised he couldn't be trusted, Della left Shieldinch with the baby, Sammy. She reconciled with Billy and Cormac before she left, and both helped in planning her 'escape'.

Billy tried to get back together with her in Christmas 2005 but she refused. She came back again the following Christmas and helped Billy get through his hell after Jo's departure. She was also a big help to Shirley after George's death. She's now back in Spain with her son, Sammy.

Actor: Katie McEwan

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