Bob O'Hara

Bob O'Hara

Actor: Tom Urie

Robert, or Big Bob as he became known to his family during his twenties, is the baby boy of the family. He doesn't remember much about his father and for much of his childhood his memories of his mother are dim too - she was out partying for much of Bob's childhood. He was raised by his older siblings and was especially close to Scarlett. When Scarlett flew the nest after one too many arguments with her mother, Molly turned to Bob for support. He loved his mother and wanted to please her, so when she begged him and made him promise he'd stay with her forever, Bob, a good and honest soul, didn't realise he'd condemned himself to a life of misery and emotional imprisonment for a good many years to come.

Bob's innocent charm made him a hit with the ladies but he was too naive to notice. Not so, his sharp-eyed mother - the idea that a woman might come along and take away her slave/son terrified her. She was not going to be left alone with no one to look after her. From that moment on Molly used her son's love of food to keep him under control - and at home - for having an obese son meant he couldn't go out to work, nor find a girl. As a result, Big Bob is corpulent, lonely and a virgin.

The years he's spent with his bitter and twisted mother have saddened Bob and chipped away at his self-esteem. However, his heart of gold continues to shine through - Molly's nastiness hasn't rubbed off on him and he has not become bitter like her. He dreams of a life away from his mother but knows he could never leave her. He'd love a place of his own, a real girlfriend. Those sorts of things happen to other people - not to him. Maybe one day...

A seasonal stint in a Santa suit led Bob to Shieldinch and into the life of his beloved sister, Scarlett. Galvanised by his feisty big sister, Big Bob stood up to Molly, got a job and started forging his own path in life. Life with Scarlett, Jimmy and Madonna is going well, and things are looking up for Bob.

His new found self-confidence came to the fore when Madonna was in danger. Despite the stress of the situation it threw Bob and Iona together and he was smitten. But will his confidence continue to grow and allow him to woo the girl of his dreams, or will Bob remain on the sidelines and watch as other suitors take the place he wants for himself?

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