Billy Davies

Billy Davies

Billy is in London, where he's launching a new hair salon.

Billy returned to Shieldinch after 16 years and bought the old harbour building from Lewis. Nobody is quite sure why he returned - he didn't even make it back for his mother's funeral. Billy has a bit of a history with Alice and George blamed him for getting Alice into drink and drugs.

Billy's a bit of a chancer - he loves the casino and has an eye for the ladies. His ex-wife, Della, turned a blind eye to all this until Kelly Marie Adams announced she was having Billy's baby. Billy discovered he was infertile and that Kelly lied about being pregnant, but by that time Della had already filed for divorce. Billy and Della got back together, but Billy made a bet to Lewis Cope in which Della was the stake. She found out, and as far as she was concerned, their relationship was over for good. However, all that changed when a newborn baby was left with Billy. Never one to be happy out of the spotlight, Billy got sick of the attention Della was lavishing on baby Olivia. He started an affair with Scarlett which ended when Scarlett found out the truth about Olivia. Della finished with Billy, and he took up with Jo.

When Della returned to Sheildinch in 2006, Billy suggested they get back together. When he was rejected, he proposed to Jo. She accepted but was less enthusiastic than he was when it came to planning their wedding. He was over the moon at the news of Jo's pregnancy, convinced his infertility has been overcome by a miracle, and the day 'Billy Junior' came into the world, he became the happiest man alive. But Jo had been cheating on him with Luca and it turned out the baby was Luca's. As the truth explosively unfolded, Billy was devastated and tried to keep Jo from her kids. Della helped him see sense and he had to let them go as Jo, Luca and the kids ran away. He was left a broken man but eventually did his best to get on with his life.

He was there a lot for Shirley in the wake of George's death and he's now a bona fide hero! He and Malcolm broke into Shirley's flat and rescued her and Nicki from Robert.

He started to date Tina after providing a shoulder for her to cry on, following Eddie's murder but Paul's trouble-making drove them apart. He then tried to date a young woman, Sophie, but the age difference got too much for him and he became a bit despondent.

An offer came up for him to start a salon in London which he decided was the best direction for him. He shared a drunken kiss with Shirley as he was preparing to leave Shieldinch but, happily, they quickly resolved the embarrassment. It was clear as he left that there is still a spark between him and Tina, but that's something that has to be put on hold for now.

Actor: Gray O'Brien

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