Archie Buchanan

Archie Buchanan

Archie is doing legal work for Lenny Murdoch. His deception (pretending to be Douglas) won him no friends and he's lost all of his manipulative control over Gina and Liz.

Archie Buchanan had a crush on Gina at school. A natural networker and businessman, his instinct for doing the right thing at the right time has made him a success. As a lawyer, Buchanan has always been happy to represent his less savoury clients but drew the line at fraternising with them. For a long time he ran his own practice, eventually with partners Fi and Gerry.

A born womaniser, he cannot resist an attractive woman. He had an office fling with Eileen, turning to her when his attempts to charm Gina apparently didn't work. However, he realised that Eileen was trying to cause trouble and prevent the relationship with Gina from getting off the ground. He vowed to stop his affair with Eileen because Gina was the one that he wanted, but Eileen had other ideas. Gina found out, and wanted nothing to do with either of them, but she eventually forgave Archie and they married, despite Gina's hesitancy of his controlling ways.

It's clear Archie gets everything his own way - he put Gina's flat up for sale while they were away on honeymoon, and confused Gina by hiding her bank card and clearing out her account! His mother Liz is used to his selfishness but it took Gina a while to see what he's like. When Gina found out that Archie had known about Luca and Jo's affair, and was responsible for driving Luca out of town, she went mad and walked out. She eventually came back but she's not quite so meek these days.

He turned his attention to his mum and tried to make her think she's losing her mind. He drugged her and accidentally knocked her down the stairs, but his attention has lately been taken by old flame Niamh who turned up, straight out of prison, where she served time because of him! She used to be a lawyer and fell in love with Archie. He dodged his own dodgy dealings and Niamh took the blame. She came back after revenge and a wad of cash just wasn't enough.

When Fi started sniffing about to find out what Niamh was all about, Archie dreaded the truth coming out so he did what he could to put her off the scent. However, Fi was shocked to find out about his embezzlement from the business and his relationship with Niamh, but she also realised what a rat he was when she found out how he'd treated Niamh.

It was Fi who shopped Archie to the police but it wasn't a decision she took lightly. Archie lost his business and faced a court case but he made drastic plans to avoid the inevitable jail sentence. He convinced Gina to remortgage the Oyster Cafe to raise his £50,000 bail then he focused on Niamh again - after all, she's got all that money she took from him.

So, he set about planning his escape and told Niamh they'd run away together. He spent a long time plotting but it went horribly wrong. He decided he'd have to fake suicide to get away with it but at the very last minute Liz discovered what he was up to. As she tried to stop him, Gina came home and Archie got violent. To save Gina, Liz hit him over the head... and was horrified to find him dead. Gina panicked and Archie ended up being chucked over a cliff. What a nasty end... except it wasn't. Archie's still alive.

Despite his 'death', Archie has since reappeared as a waiter in a country house hotel and gave Scarlett an almighty shock at Christmas 2007! Douglas had been working at the hotel for a few months, coincidentally starting around the time Archie 'disappeared'.

It turns out that Douglas has lost his memory and doesn't recognise his shocked family. With Archie's reputation from the past, Eileen and Whiteside are suspicious but even police tests reckon that Douglas's memory lost is genuine.

Although he may look like Archie, he has no memory of the past and now he is putting his mother and Gina through turmoil again with confusion!

Actor: Gilly Gilchrist

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