Annie Sobacz

Annie Sobacz

Actor: Reanne Farley

Annie is a woman in her late twenties with a big heart and broad personality. Never one to pass up an opportunity to make a quip or tell a tale, she's seemingly led a colourful life travelling around the world. Bali, Thailand, India, Australia... you name it, she's been there. She's a spontaneous woman with a lust for life.

Annie is a distant cousin of the McIntyres and prior to arriving in Shieldinch she met up with Iona's sister Roisin. When Annie mentioned wanting to lay anchor in Glasgow for a while, Roisin told her to call upon Iona who would furnish her with a job and place to stay. If only Roisin had thought to warn Iona first.

Annie arrived in Shieldinch like a breath of fresh air and quickly bagged herself a job in the Tall Ship and a room in the Singles' flat with Charlie, Stella and Iona. A light flirtation with Charlie led to a one-night stand (Charlie's first time) but commitment-shy Annie wasn't up for a serious relationship. A man's woman, she comfortably has men as friends and lovers with no strings attached.

Annie is happy and extremely popular in Shieldinch but very little is actually known about her because she doesn't really let anyone get too close. Is she just a woman who likes her privacy? Or does she play her cards close to her chest to protect a deep, dark secret?

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