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Andy's father died at a young age leaving Andy's mum, Sheila, to raise him alone. He has always found his mum's aspirations and pushiness claustrophobic and frustrating but he could never let her know. Andy met Ruth Rossi, the love of his life, at school. He was convinced they'd be together forever and had big plans to propose after graduation but the romance wasn't to be. When Ruth broke his heart, it was Sheila who picked up the pieces and carved out a path for Andy to follow. He poured his energies into his studies and a prosperous career as a surveyor beckoned. Andy moved to Dubai and, although he embraced the trappings of this affluent lifestyle, the Ruth-shaped hole in his heart remained.

No-one was more surprised than Andy when Ruth showed up at a school reunion and their spark was reignited. Andy's heart raced ahead again but, for a second time, love was not meant to be and Ruth dumped Andy once more.

A broken Andy headed back to Dubai, alone and crushed. There he met and fell for the gorgeous Gabriella. The pair returned to Glasgow and started to plan their wedding. There was a small part of Andy that enjoyed showing Gabriella off around Shieldinch, and seeing Ruth, in her unhappy relationship with Gordon, suffer. But Andy doesn't have a cruel bone in his body and this torment was short-lived, replaced with the gnawing sense that he was with the wrong woman. It dawned on Andy that Ruth is the only woman he's ever wanted.

It wasn't until Ruth took the radical step of crashing his wedding to Gabriella and revealing the depth of her feelings that he was able to take the risk. He plunged into a relationship with Ruth and wedding bells for the loved-up pair rang swiftly. Now Andy's got the girl, a lovely step-daughter in Eilidh and he's managed to assert himself to his domineering mother, so happiness seems inevitable. But not all things in life are certain...

Actor: Jamie Michie

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