Alisha Shah

Alisha Shah

Alisha is living in India.

Alisha is Vinnie's sister and came to Shieldinch to carry on her brother's work. Hardworking and serious, she has little time for anything except work, and expects her staff to behave in the same way.

She lightened up a bit when she met Cormac, but she was hiding a secret. She was engaged to childhood friend Zak. Her brother Arun was determined to see that she kept her promise to marry Zak, and caused as much trouble as he could for Alisha and Cormac. Alisha finally told Zak she didn't love him and never had.

Alisha was happy with Cormac until Arun brought Zak back to town, determined to make her see sense. Zak's brother Ajay threatened Alisha and nearly killed Cormac - that's when she made a painful decision to go back to Zak, only so she could protect Cormac. It didn't last long. Cormac left town and she split with Zak. She saw Luca briefly but his heart lay with Jo. Alisha has since returned to India although her brother Dilip has stayed in Shieldinch.

Actor: Meneka Das

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