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  1. Radio Café

    Monday 23 June 2008, 13:24

    Julie Julie

    Two of River City's scriptwriters will be interviewed on Radio Scotland's Radio Café on Wednesday, 25 June. You can hear Ann Marie Di Mambro and Martin McCardie from 1315 or use the iPlayer to listen again for a week after transmission.

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  2. Wedding Fever

    Thursday 19 June 2008, 11:05

    Julie Julie

    As one very bright messageboarder put it: move over Coleen and Wayne, it's the wedding of the year tonight! We're already very excited about tonight's nuptials (AND it's episode 600, which is a brilliant milestone) but if you need a nudge into wedding fever, check out these: Classic Clips - there's...

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  3. Interesting Wedding Fact #317

    Wednesday 18 June 2008, 11:49

    Julie Julie

    Here's a little bit of trivia for you uber-fans out there: the woman who looks after Madonna during the wedding is the baby's real mum! Madonna's played by the very cute Olivia Hegarty and her mum, Lindsay, got a role on the show for the day. That meant wee Olivia was happy when her screen mum and dad...

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  4. Meet Stephen Purdon!

    Tuesday 17 June 2008, 19:01

    Julie Julie

    If you're aged 13 to 19 then you have the opportunity to meet Stephen Purdon (aka bridegroom Bob Adams) and ask him any question you like! BBC Blast is hosting a range of workshops in Glasgow's George Square this week and Stephen will be answering questions on Saturday, 21 June from 1300-1400. Blast graphic

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  5. Wedding Press

    Tuesday 17 June 2008, 18:50

    Julie Julie

    There were a few news stories about the double wedding at the weekend. As ever, be careful what you look at cos the articles give quite a lot away. Here are a couple you might like: June Brogan (Charlie) interview - Daily Record, contains a lot of spoilers! Sally Howitt (Scarlett) interview - wedding...

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  6. Weekend Warning

    Thursday 12 June 2008, 19:56

    Julie Julie

    Warning: you might want to avoid Scottish newspapers this weekend (14 & 15 June) in case you catch sight of spoilers about the double wedding! We know some of you hate to know what's coming up and we don't want your enjoyment spoiled. However, if you really can't wait to know, there are some teasers...

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  7. Wedding Invitation

    Tuesday 10 June 2008, 17:05

    Julie Julie

    You are cordially invited to the double wedding of Scarlett Bernadette Adams to James Leslie Mullen, and Charlene Drummond to Robert Adams, on Thursday 19th June 2008. The ceremony will take place in living rooms across Scotland so please be seated by 8pm for optimum entertainment. Confetti is permitted...

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