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It's a Party for One and It's Not Going Well

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Amy Thurgood | 19:22 UK time, Friday, 6 July 2012

We've all done it, haven't we? Woken up and realized we'd sent that voicemail or message that we didn't mean to? Pranged that car and thought about just driving away? Danced around the living room to our favourite sexy tune getting quietly smashed all by ourselves? Yes, ok, we'll give you that - but all in the one night? Then followed by two bottles of wine with three quarters of a bottle of vodka? Leyla seems like she's really gone too far this week and is in some serious denial.

How on earth was she still standing? Her attempts to hide it from Nicole were pretty pitiful. And sneaking the bottle top off the table isn't really covering it up when she was blasting the music up full volume at 10 o'clock at night. She was also terrible at hiding the car accident as she stared intensely at Murray's damaged wagon in a public place. At the end of a very drunken day, even enabler Nicole was wavering at Leyla's mid-afternoon binge! Cleaning up your step-mum's vomit? Now that's dedication Nicole and Stevie. And after seeing Leyla sitting pounding back the vodka in floods of tears, it seems like things are going to get worse before they get better.

Speak of poor wee souls, awww, Iona. Her face was a picture when she saw her beloved Tom snatching some more kisses in the street with Hayley (though way to go guys - right in front of the mini-market is the BEST place to hide it). Even Robbie was offering to help Iona take a pop at Hayley as our two fabulous ladies fought it out over Tom. Their argument at the Ship almost looked like it was going to descend into catfight central with the poor guy sitting next to them at the bar pretending he couldn't hear a thing! But, being classy through and through, they'd barely been fighting a day before they made up. Hands up though if you were hoping for a Tom-Tug-of-War? Honest, now!

Liz and Malcolm, the couple that give us hope that true love knows no age, were being very sweet this week. Liz's admission that she's scared about Malcolm slipping away from her would have melted the hardest heart and, despite his doubts, Malcolm just couldn't let her down. With a bit of hesitation, his nifty piano skills came right back to him after just a look from Liz.

Just stray observations but who thinks "The Hungarian Clown" is the romantic film of the year? And our Deek's getting cheeky in his old age, what with cheerleaders making him 'think' and all.

Next week: Robbie has to face his attackers once more. Let's hope there'll be no more homophobic pints for them...in jail.

Quote of the week:
Murray: I don't want your money
Gabriel: You're not getting it. Bob is and you're getting your mid-life crisis tragic wagon brought back to its form glory.



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