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Molly and Tatiana O'Hara: Wonder Woman and Super Nurse

Vikki Tennant | 16:23 UK time, Thursday, 7 June 2012

Well folks, we'll tell you this now - if we are ever in trouble with anything, we want Molly and Tatiana O'Hara ring side. How amazing were those two this week? Sure, they were both pretty mean to poor wee Silvie to begin with. Molly was standing for no-nonsense at first and giving Silvie the no-nonsense eye to boot. While Tattie sang the tough love song and chuck her out on the street! But after the daring duo soon had taken Silvie under their wing, you knew tell they'd have fought to the death to help her out.

Tattie was particularly awesome this week doing her ER thing with Doctor Dan. Once Silvie had proved herself trustworthy, Tattie did everything she could (including getting into a domestic with Bob) to keep her safe and sound. Meanwhile, Molly was the one who kept the heid. Wow, that was one impressive poker face when Sean turned up at her doorstep and her giving Sean what for is definitely one of our highlights! Meanwhile, she knew exactly who to go to for getting things sorted - the Godfather of Shieldinch, Lenny. Her indignation when the grandfather of her great grandson wouldn't help her was another highlight as she flagged Will down in the street to scream at him that Lenny Murdoch had told her to go to the Polis!!!! You couldn't ask for two more determined people to help you out.

So it's all the more tragic that even they couldn't stop Shady Sean coming for his girl in the end! Especially looming over Silvie in the middle of the night! Eeek, that's going to give us nightmares for weeks to come. On a serious note, folks Silvie's story was pretty hard to hear but unfortunately not uncommon. Poor, poor Silvie. What a horrible thing to have gone through. And too many young and vulnerable people get drawn into her very dangerous world. Here's hoping that Silvie might manage to escape.

Across town, Will and Robbie's flat was looking fabulous as you would imagine. Although, quite a few people (Robbie, DCI Donald AND Bob) were very interested in Will's soft furnishings. Those must have been some seriously comfortable pillows. Poor Robbie, there he was trying to be nice and he ended up getting his head bitten off by DC Nasty! Come on Will, this is the side of you we've come to know and love. And we were loving Robbie's style, with his home mural and little wooden sailors. What's Will's problem? Still, it didn't stop Robbie being hostess with the mostest. Mai Tai anyone?!

Mind you, it seemed like all the young people were having trouble with their love lives this week! Hayley was getting depressed enough with online dating to give FHM-loving Mike a go...only to be knocked back. Oooh, ouch. And Iona was trying desperately to give snugly suited Tom the eye and trying to get Hayley to help her out. Hayley, in turn, epically failed at making Iona look good by nearly shoplifting some biscuits. Way to go Hayles. In fact, everyone was having a bad time of it apart, it seems, from Deek who has become a stud with a terrible dating strategy. Yes, Deek, absolutely go and date tons of women and tell them exactly how many women you're dating. Hands up if you think that will leave him with any second dates?

Coming up next week: What's this?! Do we see the dastardly DCI Donald making a deal with Lenny Murdoch?! And Tattie and Big Bob still haven't made up.

Quote of the week: Iona (never more grateful to see anyone in her life): Oh look, there's Deek!


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