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A 21st Century Love Story - Sean 4 Gabes

Vikki Tennant | 14:21 UK time, Thursday, 14 June 2012

Now, don't get us wrong. Here at RC Towers we're peeking out from behind the sofa whenever Shady Sean pulls up in Shieldinch. But last night, we think we saw a flash of...well...humanity...in those otherwise emotionally-dead eyes. He is SO happy to have found a new bezzie in (wait for it!) GABES! Awww Gabes! The fact that he's got a little pet name for him already would be kinda cute if it wasn't Sean saying it. Bonding as they attempt to knock off some dodgy laptops, sharing a smile across the wheel of the van; they were only minutes away from becoming blood brothers before the polis rocked up and ruined the party...

...but wait? Who's behind this shock raid on the most conspicuous van in Shieldinch? Only our favourite gangster - LENNY ! Yes, Lenny is back on top and playing games at his best - he sure is determined to bring this Sean fella down - whilst keeping intact the most important moral guide for all gangsters, the Criminal Code. It's written down somewhere, but you can't see it. Oh no, it's only for the gangsters. And he's not even afraid to get Gabes (this nickname is totally sticking) involved in the arresting action - much to his chagrin. Never mind Lenny, give him some whisky, that'll help him forget all about those boggin' cells.

As for Will, the episode started well with another gratuitous shirtless shot of our fave DC. But we're not sure we're liking where he's going with this temper....we thought he was such a nice kindhearted boy? Now, it's one thing getting frustrated in the interview room (although silly and just a little unprofessional William). But taking your anger outside the police station and into the middle of Shieldinch? Will! It was the worst game of Cluedo ever as we all knew that it was Will, in the Pend, with his truncheon. You'd think he could have raided the evidence room for a mask at least. Have you learned nothing from all these dodgy crims you've been chasing in your gilet?

Can we just take some time out of this week's blog to discuss the cracking one liners DCI Donald is coming up with nowadays?! He's turning into a regular joke factory, though perhaps not intentionally. Coming to a shopping channel near you soon, a special DVD of his best moments, including such classics as:

• 'It's too early to talk about serial killers'. (it's never too early Donald, not in Shieldinch)
• 'Disneyland, where do you think?' (when asked where he's taking Gabes)
• 'Sometimes the bad guys get away' (only if you're a rubbish policeman!)

And our personal fave:

• The awkward moment where you wait for the excruciatingly-long-beep of the interview tape recorder. Ouch.

While Donald and Will were busy doing their best CSI Shieldinch impressions, the real effects of the Silvie's death were being visited on Poor Tattie. We're not sure how many times we've called Tattie that in the last few weeks but she's really going through the wringer this series. Poor Tattie. After a heart-wrenching moment in the morgue, she felt the wrath of Dan after Bob forgot to tell him where Tattie had gone. Thankfully Dan finally apologised, but Big Bob didn't. Oh no. He's feeling sorry for himself that he hasn't got Tattie's undivided attention. Anyone else worry that this love story is heading for the rocks? We don't want our Bob and Tattie to fight!

But let's end this blog on a happy note shall we? Has anyone else noticed the furtive (and actually, not very well hidden) looks between Hayles and Clark-Kent-Lookey-Likey Tom?! Here at RC Towers we're a BIG fan of the geek-chic, and our Tom has this in spades...we can see what Hayley might be finding interesting about this new man on the block! But with Iona clearly smitten, how's this going to work? Uh oh!

Next week, Robbie and Will are talking about being shacked up with 2.4 dogs (aaaaaawwwwwww!) and Gabe is the man to call when something maybe possibly might be on fire.

Quote of the week:

Very hard this week, there's been so many good ones. But after much deliberation it has to be...

Raymond: (so very very casual) What do you know about VAT?
Tom: .....Really?


  • Comment number 1.

    In last week's episode, a baddie was arrested in Shieldinch and the policeman was heard to say "it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court." WRONG. This applies to English law and such a caution would not be given in Scotland, where the right to silence is absolute.
    Later in the show, the officers are trying to keep the arrestee from his "brief" making reference to 12 hours. WRONG. The highly publicised Cadder case turned Scots law upside down last year and the right to a solicitor is immediate. Sloppy research.

  • Comment number 2.

    I would love to know the music playing as will is lying awake in bed at the end. can anyone help?


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