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Reader, I married him. Well, we can dream...

Vikki Tennant | 10:18 UK time, Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are undone.

If this was a 19th century novel, then everyone here at RC Towers would be very much in a swoon. Who is this hunky fella turned up as Robin to Donald's Batman? Why, 'tis no other than DC Cooper - and the DC stands for Delectably Cute.

But dear readers, we're torn. We already had our totty in the form of Shieldinch heartthrob Sir Gabriel of Brodie. Who to choose? There's only one thing for it; it's over to our Graham for a recap of our eligible bachelors in true Blind Date style...

Bachelor No. 1 - DC Cooper is a policeman for god's sakes. He looks great in a fitted shirt and chases down dim-witted criminals in a fancy-pants gilet. However, he's clearly the worst undercover officer ever - he's just too tall and too beautiful to blend in the streets of Glasgow. The temptation to talk about truncheons is overwhelming but we'll refrain at this point.

Bachelor No. 2 - But Sir Gabriel is not up to much good this week. Shacking up with shady contraband gangsters? Letting teenage boys gamble? Drinking in the middle of the day?! He's turning into our resident bad boy - bit of rough Housewives Favourite! And he does have such lovely hair. Add to that his emotional turmoil over GeylaGate. He's a complicated fella, that's for sure.

We must admit that the our new DC has got the advantage at the moment but oh Sir Gabriel of Brodie! We beseech you, come back to the light! The crown of 'Housewives Favourite' teeters with trepidation upon your lovely hair.

But without Gabe's influence, the House of Brodie is crumbling. Rebel son Conor is getting crazy - skipping school, underage gambling, doing anything he can to turn against his Evil Stepmother. He totally misses how incredibly shifty and uncomfortable good ol' Gabe looks when he asks him to take him to the prison. Not only does he not get to see his dad, but horror of horrors, he's missing Example Live in Concert! The trauma was just too much and fisticuffs with Adeeb ensued. Nicole's solution to add sarcasm and stir helped not a jot. Thank goodness for Leyla and her salad bowl diplomacy. This never would've happened in Austen...

In other news, Stella is having an 'is she/isn't she?' pregnancy scare and vomiting over all and sundry. Not even Scarlett's tasty looking lasagne was enough to make her feel better. But alas, there'll be no baby Adams rearing their head anytime soon - but who knows what's coming up next for Love's Young Dream Couple? Should we be expecting the delivery of a tiny Stella or a wee Wee Bob sometime in the future?!

But true love can win out! Tell Cilla she can buy herself a hat after all! After his dream move to Loch Lomond was scuppered by the turbulent housing market, Malcolm decided to put down his roots in another way - Liz is about to become the new Mrs Hamilton. Tears of joy shed here at RC Towers as Love's Slightly Older Dream is preparing for the wedding of the year! Move over Kate and Wills, we reckon Liz has got her eyes on a carriage...

So readers, Shieldinch's lovers and fighters can bring lessons to us all. Whether you're still looking for a DC of your very own, you've met the One or you're coming to love later in life, there's a chance for everyone. We're off to work out ways to get arrested by a certain strapping Mr Cooper.

Next week, our Robbie and his feather boa are standing up for their rights, Nicole does nothing to break her sarcastic streak and Stella and Bob start paving the way for a wee bairn...

Stella: I'm late...
Iona: Do you want me to phone Gina?



  • Comment number 1.

    Really chuffed that Liz and Malcolm are not leaving.And even more chuffed that Malcolm has asked Liz to marry him.It was really nice when he gave her the ring and asked her to be his wife,they make a lovely couple.Looks like Donald has now got it in for Gabriel oh dear.Its a pity that Stella wasnt pregnant her and wee Bob would make wonderful parents im sure about that.Hopefully they will try for a baby and it was so kind of Iona to buy the kit for her shes so thoughtful.Hopefully things will pick up for Iona shes had a really rotten time what with one thing and another.Be good if Roisin came back to try and cheer her up.Be good to see her again any chance?.Looking forward to next weeks episode as Robbie stands up for himself,good on him.


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