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Vikki Tennant | 16:03 UK time, Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Donald's on the case!


You'll notice a Tennant-shaped gaping hole in this week's blog...well, we've got some bad news.

After Donald's (that's Detective CHIEF Inspector to you!) revelation to Lenny that he too has been partial to a bit of ViviFran action, Vikki just couldn't hold back....and revisited the Shieldinch Sex Tape for old times' sake. Despite the boak-warnings, her addiction was too much and she's currently recovering in a secure unit just outside Liverpool. She'll be back when the night terrors subside...

But back in Shieldinch, it's all going on. Heartbroken Lenny was shaken by news that Chief Donald (famous across Shieldinch in a front page spread, complete with a very smug mugshot!) has officially brought down McCabe's empire...are his shenanigans with the double-crossing ViviFran and Auld Aggie in the country cottage about to be exposed? Not a chance! Lenny Lenny Lenny - the gangster we know and love is back! The scene is set for a showdown between these two old adversaries. We're lining up Eye of the Tiger on repeat as we speak...

But our heartbroken bottom-lip-tremble of the week award goes to Housewives Favourite and all round Shieldinch heartthrob Sir Gabriel of Brodie. The remaining adult male of the Brodie clan was left reeling when Leyla rejected him after very evil but snappily dressed journalist Ian Miller (complete with controversial phone hacking reference!) started snooping around. But not before Nicole misread a kind touch between The Geyla, and decided to throw milk all over the kitchen floor. How's Leyla going to explain that away? Cats with opposable thumbs perhaps?!

Elsewhere, what do we make of the new doctor Miriam Stubbs, eh? One of those school-teacher types with eyes in the back of head. Not only is she hell-bent on sorting out Leyla and Dan with a couple of pointed looks and raised eyebrows, she looks like she's got her eye on the rest of Shieldinch as well! With her taking over at the surgery, who's gonna be the first to feel her wrath?! No one is safe so stop throwing paperclips!

And, poor Iona! Waking up this morning to find the deli has gone missing overnight must have been quite a shock. Perhaps Donald should've stepped in to get to the bottom of the Case of the Disappearing Deli. But it didn't take a genius DCI to discover that Shieldinch property magnate Raymond had sold it to be turned into a wee supermarket. What is the neighbourhood coming to?

Coming up next week it looks like Leyla is taking quite a bit of cheek from young Conor and Lenny is properly going for a piece of the McCabe empire. But who is it he's going into business with?

Leyla: Are those my earrings?...Get upstairs and take them off.
Nicole: Is that what my uncle used to say to you?


**This week's blog was bought to you by guest editors MAMY**


  • Comment number 1.

    Surely I can't be the only one who wants to give Nicole a good slap??? The queen of "oh boo hoo I'm so grown up and everyone treats me like a kid" has caused, if memory serves, the breakup of a marriage (the wannabe MSP she made a play for); then she sent anonymous poison pen letters to her father (it being "a cry for attention" and not in the least childish and immature); she ran away from home and lived with a pimp, causing her alleged best friend to be threatened by said pimp and her father to blooter said pimp with a lead pipe; now she's making her stepmother's life a total misery by acting like the big stupid wean she so obviously is. Scunner. Good actress though.

  • Comment number 2.

    Have to agree, what is the point of Nicole? If I wanted to watch a stroppy, selfish, manipulative little cow who thinks the world revolves around her I'd open the window and listen to my neighbours. Amber started off in a similar way but she had a tough little spirit that made you wonder where she was going to go with it. Frankly Nicole only deserved what was waiting for her in Stevie's flat.


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