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Here's To You, Mrs Hamilton...

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Vikki Tennant | 16:32 UK time, Thursday, 26 April 2012

All together now....AWWWWWWW!

Now was that the sweetest thing you ever did see? Finally Malcolm got the chance to make Luscious Liz his blushing bride in a beautiful (if somewhat overcast) lochside ceremony. Welcome to Scotland! But it all could've been very different if meddling Eileen had her way! Now we know here at RC Towers that Eileen loves her dear 'ole Dad and is concerned for his welfare. But suspecting that Liz was doing the old Anna Nicole Smith beggars the question...exactly which pipe have you been smoking from Eileen?!!

Thankfully a some wide-eyed looks from Gina and good talking to from Raymond finally brought Eileen to her senses. Although the word 'sorry' didn't exactly spill from her lips, here's hoping these two can reconcile their differences and do what's best for Malcolm in the future. Here's to many more years of 'arguing over the crossword puzzle' for our new favourite couple - 'Miz'!

But the best part of any wedding is, as always, the stag and hen night. Malcolm went for a quiet affair in the Ship, a refined whisky, some games of pool. His wife-to-be meanwhile was being corrupted by Molly, her jam jar of lukewarm Irish Cream, a L-Plate apron and her makeshift saucepan-drum. Liz prancing around with a pair of old pants on her head might be our highlight of the year!

But there's nothing like a wedding to bring all those bubbling tensions to the surface. As far as we're concerned you've only been to a good one if there's been a fight, people getting it on and some incredibly awkward moments as people start revealing the truth. And this wedding day was no different! We all love watching a new romance unfold, and don't get us wrong, we want our Robbie to be happy. But the first word that sprang to our lips when we saw him alongside our strapping DC Cooper?


We're jealous, that's all! Good on Robbie for pulling himself such a hottie...and a hottie that's very interested in our Mr Fraser! (Twice in one day? 'Nuff said.) Hooray for future romances! Though if DC Cooper wants to stay in our good books he better not be trying to change the Robster. We'd miss our weekly fix of our flamboyant FMH.

But back in Shieldinch, Big Bob was getting some tough love from Glasgow's newest medical professional. She doesn't mince her words does she? Now perhaps Bob knows deep down he should be eating a bit more salad, but there's no need to be mean Dr Miriam! To be honest, faced with Tattie's bag of veg or a bite of Molly's tasty pie and chips, we know which we'd go for. Why hasn't the Oyster snapped up this culinary genius and cornered the market in comfort pies?! Jeez oh, Molly could you make a fortune!

Next week, The Hamilton's head off on honeymoon, Tattie tries her best to help the needy and Donald and Cooper have a murder investigation on their hands...

ZINNIE: Oh my God. It is exactly the same as Eileen's isn't it? I thought it was but then I thought 'no way' - cos that would just be...amazing...
(under her breath) ...that anyone would make two of them...



  • Comment number 1.

    I think it's an absolute scandal that a sex scene was allowed to be aired before the watershed, and also that this has gone totally unnoticed by the media. Shame on the BBC!

  • Comment number 2.

    Unbelievable that wis re-aired UNCUT in the afternoon!

  • Comment number 3.

    Oh David, I assume by "sex scene" you mean the scene with Robbie and his new man lying in bed together? I didn't see any sex - in fact there has been plenty more "explicit" scenes between other characters is past episodes. I'm guessing your offence at these scenes is because two males were in the same bed (even although all they are doing is chatting). It's 2012 - not the 1950's. Shame on YOU David!

  • Comment number 4.

    Really chuffed that Liz and Malcolm are now married.Thankfully Eilleen came to her senses and realised that they were both very much in love and wanted to share the rest of their lives together.Why does Eileen allways have to spoil things and cause upset to others.Poor Liz was so upset about the way Eileen was with her.Its time she got off her high horse calmed down and had more respect for others.As for poor Raymond i am amazed he puts up with her especially when shes moody with him.Does she not realise that she is so lucky to have such a good caring man who stands by her and is a good father to wee Stuart.Happy that Robbie is with DC Cooper, i just hope he isnt using him.Poor Robbie, he has put up with so much upset of late.Hope things work out for him and hes happy.

  • Comment number 5.

    Aw don't be mean RealSheildinchStrangler....David was probably traumatised by Morecambe and Wise when he was a wean! And Eric Morecambe used to smoke a pipe in bed as well.


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