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Vikki Tennant | 13:35 UK time, Thursday, 8 March 2012

What's the Tour De France?

Does anyone else think that Kelly-Marie and Dan are flogging a deid horse? She's the type of gal that signs on the dole while she actually has a job and he's the type of bloke that watches the Tour De France and lectures people about wearing helmets! Although I don't know why Kelly-Marie was wasting money on a magician when she has Dan around, did you see those magic tricks? I mean he pulled a pound coin out of Callum's ear! Astounding! However, the biggest trickster of all is Lenny who grassed on Kelly-Marie for benefit fraud only so that he could blame Dan and impress Kelly-Marie with the expensive lawyer he gave her. Oh what a complicated fellow he is!!

Cam the Bam really is an evil little weasel, I really dislike that boy. Not only is he trying to groom Nicole into prostitution, it turns out that he also has a girlfriend - Angie - who already works as a prostitute for him. Oh and Angie also takes regular beatings off the utterly charming Cammy, isn't he just such a nice fella? But hallelujah, Nicole finally realised that Cam is nowt but a bam and she made her escape... escape via hitchhiking and getting picked up in a lorry dressed like a tart...erm oh dear. What has she got herself into now?!

In addition to prostituting and beating girls, Cammy is also a knife wielding thief. He swanned into The Tall Ship looking for Stevie's old money stash and ended up holding a knife against Eileen's neck and demanding access to the safe. It turned into a bit of a showdown in the bar but luckily Gabriel is also a secret magician - he is able to transform an ordinary looking door into a lethal weapon! Just as Cammy was about to escape - shazam, Gabriel squished him with the door. Annoyingly, Cam the Bam managed to get free and ran off, but not before getting a cheeky wee stab at Lenny's arm! Stabbing Lenny Murdoch? That cannot be a sensible move.

Coming up next week, Cam the Bam gets even more evil and Michael goes into meltdown. It's set to get very dark indeed...

Quote of the Week
Scarlett: "Raymond's helping Murray with his mid-life crisis, boys day oot more like, wonder why they never asked you?"
Jimmy: "Just lucky I guess!"



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