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Come home Nicole!

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Vikki Tennant | 19:12 UK time, Friday, 24 February 2012

Nicole Come Home

Sorry for the lack of Blog last week, unfortunately I was admitted to hospital with shock , sudden blindness and the heavy boak after viewing that Shieldinch Sex Tape. I'm doing OK now, my sight has returned and the flashbacks are starting to get less frequent.

As well as suffering from the heavy boak, I've also been very busy down at our Dumbarton studios. We started filming Series 8 this week so we've all been hectic getting ready for that. There's loads going on, we've got some great storylines coming up and there are some new faces around!

But let's get on to this week's episode. I bet Michael Brodie is wishing he was back in his care free days of being a Glasgow Tour Guide, life for the Brodie's has gotten very stressful this week! Naïve Nicole has run away from home in search of Stevie and has got mixed up with Stevie's shady mate Cammy Tennant (no relation). After Cammy stringing her along saying he was in touch with Stevie, Nicole was shocked to find out that Stevie was actually in jail. Christina tried to persuade Nicole to leave but Nicole is being a silly billy, she would rather hang out with Creepy Cammy in his mingin squat. Noooooooooooooooo Nicole you don't know what you're doing!! Cammy is planning on getting Nicole hooked on drugs and then 'selling her to the highest bidder'. It's pretty horrid stuff but unfortunately it does happen to people. Next week Michael holds a press conference to try and find her, let's hope it works and Nicole comes home safe and sound. They need to get Liam Neeson in there, he'd sort them out!

Miami Vice Murray was shaking things up this week, he breezed into Shieldinch with a brand new sports car and some cool shades, what a guy! Who knew he was in to fast cars and loose women?! Gina wasn't impressed by his new 'coolness' and she confirmed that they were well and truly OVER. I really did enjoy Murray's drunkenness, it was very amusing to see him getting all abusive (see Quote of the Week below)!! I hope Miami Vice Murray sticks around, he's very entertaining.

I don't blame Gina for being at the end of her tether, it's really difficult for the families of people suffering from dementia. I don't think I can say anything funny about this storyline yet, seeing Malcolm start to lose his memory is going to be very sad. However, I know from personal 'real life' experience that there can be some very funny moments when dealing with memory loss and it's not all sad times ahead. We'll see some really great Malcolm and Liz stories come out of this.

Happier times for the Mullen's this week, Scarlett finally came round about Stella and Bob's secret wedding and forgave them. Hoorah!! I don't like it when Bob and Scarlett fall out.

Oh and I almost forgot - who was that throwing a brick through the window of The Oyster?! Well, you'll find out next week! Also coming up next week, we have the continuing search for Nicole and Dan realising what he's let himself in for in going out with Kelly-Marie. Plus, keep an eye out for a special guest star...

Quote of the Week
Murray (about Gina): "Sorry, you're right, she's not a tart...she's a SLUT."

Fran the Kiss-A-Scam gets DI(rty)

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Vikki Tennant | 11:31 UK time, Thursday, 9 February 2012

Frances and DI Donald

I came across this really dodgy video on YouTube yesterday, you know that sex tape that Paris Hilton made? Well, it was nothing like that. It was this blonde bird called Vivien and a softly spoken ginger bloke who she kept calling DI(rty) Donald... Hold on a minute, could this be the infamous Shieldinch Sex Tape?! Yes indeed, River City got all Basic Instinct this week with Frances playing the Femme Fatale Sharon Stone. In a desperate attempt to prevent Lenny going to prison, Frances slept with DI Donald, recorded it and blackmailed him into dropping the charges. But it is a complicated web that Fran the Kiss-A-Scam is weaving and even she's not all that sure what her plan is now! DI Donald wants her to run away with him and help him put Lenny in jail but her terrifying mother wants her to bring Lenny to his knees and then kill him! As for Vivifran? Well she just wants to live happily ever after with Lenny whom she's now in love with - keep dreaming hen! Lenny the Mighty Murdoch is still blissfully unaware of all these goings on but I don't fancy her chances when he finds out. Let's hope he doesn't look on YouTube anytime soon...

Could Shieldinch stalwart Gina be thinking of turning to the dark side? After being told that the Oyster was in need of thousands of pounds worth of extra repairs and the grand re-opening being a bit of flop, Gina suddenly found herself in dire money straits. Mundane Murray was less than helpful with his declaration that The Oyster was a lost cause - that's just what she didn't want to hear! Will Gina struggle on until she sells up or the café goes under, or will she take the unlikely third option of going into business with Lenny?! Gina and Lenny in cahoots? Surely not!

There were plenty fun and games in the rest of Shieldinch this week with Bob and Stella's secret wedding plans. They are going to have a surprise wedding reception in the Community Centre on Valentine's day but had to think of a cunning plan to lure all their loved ones there without giving the game away. So, obviously, they have told everyone that there will be a charity Valentine's Quiz! Frances could learn a thing or two off them about running a scam I tell ye! The lie is getting a bit out of hand however; Liz has appointed herself quiz master and is planning every quiz detail meticulously! Liz (and me) will be gutted if she doesn't get to wow everyone with her quiz round eloquently titled - 'Who Was It, Said What of Whom'. I can't wait til next week to see everyone's faces when they realise that they are actually at Stella and Bob's wedding reception!

Also coming up next week, Gina takes control of her situation and Nicole gets a shock! Ooooh, intriguing! As always, I can't wait!

Quote of the Week
Lenny (on the plus points of going to prison): "I don't know, Barlinnie's not got the beaches but I hear Tommy Sheridan still got a sunbed in there."

P.S. Ah pyoor luv you by the way darlin'

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Vikki Tennant | 12:49 UK time, Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Stevie in Jail

Aaaaw, poor Stevie and Nicole! I've gotta admit, I felt a tad emotional at the end when they waved goodbye - all love letters should be written in and have a voiceover in a Scottish accent! It took me right back, in fact it reminded of the time when I was a tour guide in Glasgow, I met this bloke on an open top bus and we fell madly in love as we toured the museums of Glasgow: there was tenderness in the Transport Museum, kissing in Kelvingrove and smooching at Scotland Street. But then he had to go home to Skegness and I was utterly heartbroken... Oh hang on, that was actually Michael Brodie's story not mine! Sorry about that, I just got so wrapped up in his romantic and exciting tale of tour guides and museums...

Anyway, back to our very own Romeo and Juliet. It was a tale on par with Shakespeare, as tragic as Kate and Leo in Titanic, as devastating as when Patrick Swayze goes to the light in Ghost, it was an age old tale - stop me if you've heard it before - boy meets girl, she's a doctor's daughter, he's a recovering drug addict from the wrong side of the tracks, everyone is opposed to them but against all odds they fall in love... but then the boy breaks into a house, gives a 15 year old girl booze, has illegal underage sex with her and is arrested. Ah, such sweet romance! Actually, when you say it like that it seems quite sleazy! Aw, but you know, it might have been illegal but they genuinely were in love and I don't want Stevie to go to jail! I was as heartbroken as Nicole to see him leave Shieldinch! PLEASE COME BACK!

The course of true love didn't run smoothly elsewhere in Shieldinch this week. Frances seems to be really falling for Lenny now! Lenny arranged for the health centre to be burgled so that he could get those medical records that Dan wouldn't give him. DI(rty) Donald came sniffing around so Frances gave Lenny an alibi so that he wouldn't be arrested. However, if Frances has to go to court her true identity will be revealed, what will she do?! DI(rty) Donald really did get dirty this week, he came on to Frances and for a second he seemed like he wasn't going to take no for an answer - what more could this man be capable of? I think we'll need to keep an eye on Mr Policeman.

Scupid Scarlett decided that Dr Dan and daughter Kelly-Marie would make a perfect couple so she stuck her oar in. Her meddling ended up causing trouble and there were misunderstandings all over the place! But after all the drama, the pair realised that they might fancy each other after all! Well at least things ended well for someone! What do you all make of the new couple? Could this be the epic romance of the action man Doctor and the bird that works in the Arcade?

Next week you can look forward to more of Auld Agnes trying to make Frances do evil things to Lenny, there's trouble ahead for Murray and Gina and more wedding planning hijinks with Stella and Bob.

Quote of the Week
Conor: (about Stevie): "Why's he in jail?"
Nicole (in front of her parents): "Because me and him have been doing it ok?!"

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