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There's a fire in the subway, the underground that is, not a big sandwich...

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Vikki Tennant | 14:04 UK time, Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fire in the subway

Things were really 'hotting' up in Shieldinch this week: Gabriel and Leyla set the bedroom alight and then Gabriel battled actual fire in the subway! What a guy! And did you notice that I actually got a bit of my sought after nudity? I spotted some bare chest when Gabe had given Leyla some afternoon delight - score! But alas, the stress of sneaking around was starting to get a little bit too much for Mrs Brodie and she decided to end the affair... however the fire in the subway reignited the fire in her loins! Well actually, it was a little less sleazy than that, when Gabe rushed into the fire to save Stella it made Leyla realise how much she cared for him. Is it love? And if it's love, what the hell are they gonna do about it? I've said it before, but I love a bit of adultery!

Stevie and Nicole were also getting a bit hot n heavy, unfortunately it was in Gina and Murray's flat. But at least the flat saw some action, all it usually gets is Murray talking about hill walking! Stevie and Nicole are very sweet and I truly do love Stevie to bits, but the boy is a numpty. He talks about getting his life back on track and then decides it's a good idea to use someone else's house for sex without asking! Zinnie the Pooh, never one to miss the chance to cause mischief, called the police on Stevie and he's been arrested! It's about to get a whole lot worse for him in next week's episode - the police realise that 19 year old Stevie has been having sex with 15 year old Nicole. Eh, that's illegal dude.

In other Shieldinch news, Dr Dan was feeling a bit shaky after all his gambling antics of the past few weeks and lost faith in his doctoring skills. It didn't help that Moaning Murray had decided to sue him for the prescription mix up that had landed him in hospital. However, Michael persuaded Murray to forget about suing and Dan felt better about himself after he saved lives during the fire, Indiana Dan to the rescue as always! And could Indiana Dan of found himself a leading lady? I think we might be witnessing some romantic stirrings with Kelly-Marie! I'm looking forward to see what happens there.

I'd also like to give an honorary mention to up and coming comedy duo Conor and Adeeb! They were really making me laugh with their demands of dinner from Leyla and then Conor's very cute Burns recital. They are just typical teenage boys, very funny!
Don't forget to watch next week to find out what happens to Stevie and see what Lenny Murdoch is up to now...

Quote of the Week
Michael (to Leyla about the fire): "It's ok, it's over, nobody died." - brilliant Scots philosophy!

Indiana Dan and the Raiders of the Loan Shark...

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Vikki Tennant | 12:00 UK time, Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dr Dan

Indiana Dan's heroics in the 'Portacabin of Doom' seem like just a distant memory now, he was once known for leaping through derelict buildings to save children but now he's gambling away other people's money and borrowing money from dodgy loan sharks like Lenny Murdoch. Lenny put the pressure on Dan this week when he demanded even more interest on the borrowed money, but, he had an ulterior motive, he knew that Dan wouldn't be able to get the money in time so he offered him an alternative: he wanted Dan to give him copies off all the patient records so that he could use them for nefarious purposes. Thankfully our fallen hero Indiana Dan saw sense and refused to do it. He may have got a serious beating for it but at least he was left with his morals intact! I'm making light of it (as I always do) but gambling addiction is very serious, if you need any help with this issue you can visit our Information and Support page.

Leyla and Gabriel finally got it on this week! I've got to say, it wasn't quite as steamy as I hoped but there's only so much flesh you can see before 9pm, I guess! I'm starting a campaign for a late night River City - we want more nudity!! Well, actually it's probably just me that wants more nudity. However, even though I didn't see the clothes getting torn off, it was clear that they'd had a steamy time off screen! I don't think they'll be able to stay away from each other from now on. Poor Michael doesn't have a clue, he was actually encouraging his brother to get closer to Leyla, if only he knew! Michael has a temper at the best of times, what on earth will he do when he finds out his brother has been bonking his wife?!

Fran the Kiss-A-Scams eeeeeevil kisses seem to have backfired slightly, it looks like she might actually be enjoying her evil kisses with Lenny! Her horrid mother Agnes isn't going to be pleased if she doesn't go through with the plan to bring Murdoch down. Will Frances fall in love with Lenny and live happy ever after or will she stay on the dark side and have her revenge on Lenny for her brother's death? We'll just have to wait and see!

Coming up next week we have more Leyla and Gabriel sneaky smooching, Stevie in trouble (again) and oh, what's that smell? Is that...smoke...? Don't miss it!

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Quote of the Week
Stevie to Dan about him landing Murray in hospital: "I don't blame you, there's been many a time I've wanted to shut him up in aw."

I need a hero(in)...

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Vikki Tennant | 13:52 UK time, Thursday, 12 January 2012

Stevie looks so different

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you've all had a great holiday season. It's been an eventful Christmas and New Year in Shieldinch hasn't it? Big Bob made an emotional return on New Year's Eve and brought in the bells with a brilliant rendition of Auld Lang Syne, Stevie and Nicole got jiggy in the back of his van in Helensburgh, Leyla and Gabriel tried to resist their feelings, Gina and Eileen fell out over some mice which ended up in a stonker of an argument and a doozy of a slap, poor Malcolm is starting to have some worrying memory problems and Stevie was gutted to be wrongly accused of theft and ended up turning to his old friend heroin... And I think that brings us more or less up to date! On to this week's antics!

Stevie was in a bad way, he was on a major come down from heroin, it was so bad that violins played as he sat in a play park, people walked in slow motion, he heard voices in his head and at one point there were 5 versions of himself all in the same scene! I'm joking about it but it was actually pretty horrible to see the usual cheeky chappy in such a state. He was keeping it a secret from Nicole, she is clearly blinded by love as Stevie was having major withdrawal symptoms, sweating and jittering all over the place and she didn't notice! Bull in a china shop Michael wasn't quite so easily fooled and confirmed his suspicions by taking a peek at Stevie's medical records - naughty, naughty! Leyla thought it would be a nice idea to have Stevie round for dinner but the pressure of hiding his withdrawal symptoms and Raging Bull's (Michael) accusing glare across the dinner table was all too much for him and Stevie went off to 'score some gear' (see, I totally know the lingo). He was so out of it that he left his nice suit jacket on a bollard and then scarily overdosed - it was not very pleasant to watch. Luckily, Nicole found him in time and with the help of Raging Bull and Dr Dan he was saved! Hoorah! I would love to tell you that this is end of Stevie's problems, but it's TV land, nothing ever goes smoothly!

Throughout the Stevie mess, Leyla and Gabriel's feelings were continuing to bubble under the surface. I know it's wrong but I wish they would just hurry up and get it on, the sexual tension is too much for me!!

Dr Dan's gambling debts are really catching up on him now. Hot Potato Tattie was on his case when she noticed a discrepancy in the Health Centre credit card bill. Then part-time loan shark Lenny demanded £5000 extra on the £5000 that Dan had already paid back - that's some rate of interest! Oh Dan, what have you done?
While Tattie spent the day helping Dan, Big Bob was at home cooking up a multitude of potato based dishes and convincing himself that Tattie was having an affair with Dan. Bob confronted his wife and they managed to sort it out but will they manage to live happily ever after?

Now, I think that Stella and Bob are being completely unreasonable, what's wrong with having Robbie and Scarlett plan your wedding?! Big Fat Gypsy Wedding versus Burlesque Ball sounds perfect! I think Robbie has missed his calling, that laptop presentation and 'mood board' were hilarious!

Quote of the Week
Robbie (to Bob about wedding planning): "Scarlett? No way, she'll have you like Big Fat Gypsy Wedding rejects!"

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