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Amber got a gun...

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Vikki Tennant | 11:47 UK time, Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sugar and Spice?

And things ain't ever gonna be the same... because who's deid? MCCABE'S DEID! Yep, sweet lil Amber is a killer, she killed McCabe to save her Dad. For a while it seemed like she was going to embrace her dark side: she was going to let Lenny cover up the murder and she was prepared to sleep with Gabriel to distract him from discovering the body lying in the arcade! How shocking! Thankfully she didn't sell her body or soul, she turned herself into the cops instead. Will she languish in jail for ever more?

While Amber was wrestling with her demons, Feeble Fraser was being a snivelling mess all over Shieldinch! I really do love to hate that boy. We also had the return of Lilting Lydia this week , she came back to help daughter Amber - aye well done on that one Lydia, ye did a bang up job! Away back to yer fancy man hen cause you're useless! Ahem, I do apologise, I turned into Molly for a second there! Moving on...

Who's no deid?! JIMMY'S NO DEID! He may have been stabbed and left for dead but he's alive! Not only that, his brush with death has made Scarlett realise how much she loves him! Aaaw, the Mullens are reunited! Every cloud and all that*!

What next for River City then? Amber in jail, Fraser left high and dry with no bird and with the Murdoch/McCabe feud over, Lenny will need to find something else to occupy his time! But it's all been a bit doom and gloom in Shieldinch recently, it's about time something nice happened. It's just as well oor wee Bubba is due back from Peru very, very soon...

I'm sure you all have plenty to say about this week's episode so get commenting below. We loved reading the comments from last week, so keep them coming! However, I must admit I was a bit disappointed that Banksy38 hadn't appeared this week...

Quote of the Week
Gabriel (to Fraser): "What you? Working for McCabe? Doing what? Arranging his soaps?!"

*River City do not suggest getting stabbed as an alternative to marriage guidance counselling.


  • Comment number 1.

    Aye, it wis a fair grim episode this week, no a lot tae laugh at. The kind o episode River City dis awfy weel, but ye widnae want it every week, too tirin fer a start, so ah hope we get somethin tae cheer us up next week. Ah cheered when Loopy Lydia appeared tho, an ah'm gled tae see she's as twistit as she aye wis... when dae we get tae see her new man/boy, soon ah hope. An whit can ye say aboot Amber, she's a wee star so she is, aw sweet oan the ootside, hard as nuts oan the inside. A right Sugared Almond...

    Ah guess Scarlett's gaunnae get aw Holy Wullie efter her divine seekbed intervention, puir Jimmy's aw ah'm sayin...!

  • Comment number 2.

    Absolutely brilliant it just gets better and better every week.So glad that Amber realised what a creep Fraser is.Really got worried when Amber and Fraser hugged hes just a lowlife and has just used Amber all through their relationship.Im glad shes seen through him.So glad that Jimmy is going to pull through just wouldnt be the same without him and Scarlet together.Great to see Lydia back eventhough shes got another man she will certainly get things sorted out thats for sure.Poor Amber i feel so sorry for her. So much for honesty being the best policy she was just trying to protect her dad from Mcabe shooting him and now poor Ambers in prison.Looking forward to next weeks episode.Just one question why isnt River city in the soap awards, its better than any other soap on television.Its got everything in it and really good story lines.

  • Comment number 3.

    I am absolutely loving everything about R C of late, so come on please dispel the rumours that the programme is to be CUT to 40 episodes !!!!!!! Really BBC you should be ASHAMED !!!!! cut some of the other drivel you screen instead !!!!! Please add your support behind me all who use this site

  • Comment number 4.

    Ambers character has gone from strength to strength ppity she is banged up in the clink noo,,,,, or is there a twist in the story coming up ??

  • Comment number 5.

    As an occasional blogger and avid viewer, I'd just like to add my name to the "Save RC" Campaign. If it goes off the air , I will definitely go on hunger strike. The only drawback with my plan is that my ample fat reserves, coupled with a desperate weakness for jammie dodgers (an addiction often triggered, Pavlov's dog style, by the sound of the River City theme tune), could mean that I may not see my desperate protest through...Ghandi, I ain't.
    Great to see Kelly Marie and Wee Bubba back. Given the recent tendency for music montages on RC, I half expected their re-apperance to be accompanied by a pan pipe rendition of "Homeward Bound" in recognition of their Peruvian odyssey, but alas no. I once saw Kelly Marie on a bus in Glasgow a few years ago, since you asked.


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