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Goodbye Amber, Hello Bugsy Malone

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Vikki Tennant | 12:35 UK time, Wednesday, 28 September 2011


After a brief foray into her father's gangster world, Shieldinch's own little Tallulah* (Amber) has been carted off to prison and it looks like it's for good! She could have been anything that she wanted to be but she's determined to pay the price for killing McCabe. To be honest, I think I'd rather face prison than a life with Feeble Fraser! On the topic of Fraser, it's goodbye to him too as he's decided to scurry off down south to escape the clutches of Lenny. But oh Feeble Fraser how I will miss you and you're amusing terrified facial expressions! To be fair, there was only so long he could continue wearing an extra pair of underwear all the time.

Now, whatever will Lenny do without Fraser to torment and his little princess Amber to look after? Well look out Shieldinch, there's a new heir to the Murdoch gangster throne and that is Callum Adams our new Baby Gangster who I shall now call Bugsy Malone*! He's gonna be shooting people with his custard pie machine gun in no time! But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself, let's get back to the present:

The Mullen's had a lot to celebrate this week - Jimmy was out the hospital after his near fatal stabbing and Bob came back from Peru with the prodigal daughter Kelly-Marie in tow. But the delight soon turned to suspicion when Kelly-Marie revealed that she had a son Bugsy (Callum) that no one knew existed. Savvy Scarlett sussed that something was not quite right about all this and Kelly-Marie was forced to reveal the truth - Bugsy is the result of her brief encounter with Ewan Murdoch a few years back, therefore Lenny is Bugsy's grandfather!! EEEEk, what's going to happen?!?! One thing is sure, Scarlett did not look pleased to find out that they now have a family connection to the Murdoch's!!

It was great to have wee Bob back, he's been gone for far too long! Stella was over the moon too as she's been pining for him for months. After a few misunderstandings Stella and Bob were reunited and they had a cheeky wee snog in the Tall Ship - it looks like the romance IS ON! Woop!

I've got a few bits of backstage info for you this week. This week's episode was Episode 26 of Series 6, so next week will be Episode 1 of Series 7 which we are currently filming. So, you can expect to see some exciting changes to bring in the new series. Oh, you know how I like to tease you!!

We've been getting in the Christmas spirit all this week at the Dumbarton Studios as we're filming the Christmas episodes - we've got fake snow and everything! It's all very exciting! I've included some of my very amateurish pictures below for you!

Don't forget to let us know what you thought of this week's episode.

* For those of you that are either too young or too old to remember, Bugsy Malone is a musical gangster film in which children play all the parts: THE BBC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENTS OF EXTERNAL WEBSITES.

Quote of the Week
Molly was hilarious this week, she had me giggling so many times, so I'm just going to include three quotes this week!

Molly: "Fraser, you'll be glad you're no winching Lenny's daughter noo."

Molly: "They men in white suites are all over that arcade like maggots on a midden."

Kelly-Marie (to Tatiana): "You were born in Russia aye?"
Tatiana: "In Kiev"
Molly: "You know, where the chickens come from."

Christmas in Shieldinch

Amber got a gun...

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Vikki Tennant | 11:47 UK time, Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sugar and Spice?

And things ain't ever gonna be the same... because who's deid? MCCABE'S DEID! Yep, sweet lil Amber is a killer, she killed McCabe to save her Dad. For a while it seemed like she was going to embrace her dark side: she was going to let Lenny cover up the murder and she was prepared to sleep with Gabriel to distract him from discovering the body lying in the arcade! How shocking! Thankfully she didn't sell her body or soul, she turned herself into the cops instead. Will she languish in jail for ever more?

While Amber was wrestling with her demons, Feeble Fraser was being a snivelling mess all over Shieldinch! I really do love to hate that boy. We also had the return of Lilting Lydia this week , she came back to help daughter Amber - aye well done on that one Lydia, ye did a bang up job! Away back to yer fancy man hen cause you're useless! Ahem, I do apologise, I turned into Molly for a second there! Moving on...

Who's no deid?! JIMMY'S NO DEID! He may have been stabbed and left for dead but he's alive! Not only that, his brush with death has made Scarlett realise how much she loves him! Aaaw, the Mullens are reunited! Every cloud and all that*!

What next for River City then? Amber in jail, Fraser left high and dry with no bird and with the Murdoch/McCabe feud over, Lenny will need to find something else to occupy his time! But it's all been a bit doom and gloom in Shieldinch recently, it's about time something nice happened. It's just as well oor wee Bubba is due back from Peru very, very soon...

I'm sure you all have plenty to say about this week's episode so get commenting below. We loved reading the comments from last week, so keep them coming! However, I must admit I was a bit disappointed that Banksy38 hadn't appeared this week...

Quote of the Week
Gabriel (to Fraser): "What you? Working for McCabe? Doing what? Arranging his soaps?!"

*River City do not suggest getting stabbed as an alternative to marriage guidance counselling.

Best. Cliffhanger. Ever.

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Vikki Tennant | 10:44 UK time, Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Who's Deid?

Wow. I was rendered speechless by this week's episode! What a brilliant, exciting, tense and very sad episode. Who survived? Who got shot? Is Jimmy still alive? Argh, so many questions!

So, how did it all go down? Well, McCabe returned to settle a few scores in the ol' Wild West of Glasgow. His first port of call was yella bellied Fraser who squealed like a pig without much persuasion - he landed Lenny right in it. Lenny attempted to get Amber out of town before it all kicked off but unfortunately Lenny, Amber and Feeble Fraser ended up in a stand off in the Arcade with McCabe and one of his goons. There was a scuffle, with guns falling out of people's hands all over the place, and then we heard two gun shots but we didn't see who fired or who got shot! We're going to have to wait til next week to see who's still alive in there.

McCabe had one other place to visit before he called on Murdoch and that was poor Jimmy. DI Donald offered Jimmy witness protection but before he could leave town McCabe caught up with him. He brutally stabbed Jimmy and left him to bleed to death in a quiet area of Shieldinch. It was absolutely heartbreaking. Is this the end of Jimmy Mullen?

We needed some light relief in amongst all this craziness and that came from my favourite moustache twirling villain Zinnie the Pooh! Her unsuspecting victims this week were Deek and Robbie. Zinnie needed a new place to stay and decided that she'd manipulate her way into their flat and with free rent no less! She had both men wrapped around her little finger until Robbie started getting suspicious. It looks like Zinnie might have met her match! I think we're in for some good fun with the three of them sharing a flat!

So back to the main event, you all went wild on Facebook and Twitter about the shocking cliffhanger. Thank you to everyone for their amazing support of the show, we're absolutely delighted that you enjoyed the episode. Everyone is speculating about who has survived but my lips are sealed! All will be revealed next week...

Quote of the Week
Molly: "Weans the day, if they get caught all they'll gets a slapped wrist when what they really needs a good hiding."

Once upon a time...

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Vikki Tennant | 19:39 UK time, Thursday, 8 September 2011

Zinnie the Pooh

...there was a little girl called Zinnie the Pooh whose nose just grew and grew. She told so many lies, she didn't know what to do! Ahem, enough of that, but seriously, I couldn't keep track of her scheming this week: "Michael, I wana be a actually I want to try engineering. Actually scrap Uni altogether, I'll steal your wallet and book plane tickets to Bangkok instead." That was the short version of Zinnie's little plan this week but you get the idea. Michael discovered her plot and promptly dragged Zinnie kicking and screaming out of a taxi. So, Zinnie has been given a week to find another place to live, where would you like to see her end up?

Ah, and the counterfeet* money scam has reared its ugly head again! Feeble Frasier** tried to win back Amber with flowers but unfortunately he found Lenny instead and his poor wee flowers ended up at the bottom of the close. Aaaawww. However, this lead to a very exciting turn of events! Fraser - in an act of revenge over his flowers - went to the police and told them that it was Lenny, not McCabe, that was behind the counterfeet* money. As a result, McCabe was released from prison and now he's out looking for his own brand of revenge. Do not miss next week's episode - things reach a shocking climax! EEEEk, I'm so excited, I'm telling you, it's a good 'un!

But let's not get carried away - could anything be more exciting that The Tall Ship Quiz night?! I think not!! The locals were up against an eeeeevil rival team from Mossgreen who, by the way, were very threatening in their wooly jumpers. It was tense stuff: we had rule breaking, we had stupid looking red hats, there were dirty looks across the table, there was extreme tension when Malcolm guessed the wrong year and to top it off, a last minute substitution! Phew, what a night...

Tell us your thoughts on the episode by commenting below and don't forget to watch next week, you'll be on the edge of your seats!

* As DI Donald would say it.
** As Lenny would say it.

Quote of the Week
Robbie (to Deek): "Uck, have you got a wee rid hat fir me?" - Robbie and Deek were so sweet, they made me chuckle!

Playing the puggies of love... (?!)

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Vikki Tennant | 14:02 UK time, Thursday, 1 September 2011

What's a girl to do?!

Jezebel Jo was the envy all the women when she found herself torn between the fabulous Brodie Boys - Fallen Angel Gabriel and Lovely but Loopy Leo. While boyfriend Leo was off playing a charity football match, she was getting lucky with his brother Gabriel in the back of the arcade and I ain't talking about winning on the puggies - oh la la! Jo did think she'd hit the jackpot when Gabriel asked her to run away with him, but Gabe swiftly changed his mind when he realised what the audience have know all along: she's nowt but a gold digging trollop! Leo on the other hand left his backbone on the footie field - he forgave Jo and they rode off into a kinda depressing looking sunset together. Bye, bye Jo and Leo!

The other Brodie brother Michael was getting a little hot under the collar too when Zinnie the Pooh tried to set a cunning honey trap for him. She was prancing around the house wearing nothing but a towel, deliberately trying to stir up trouble. Michael played right into her hands and in his attempts to cover up his awkwardness he ended up looking like a sleaze! Aw poor Michael! Thankfully Leyla didn't take much notice and all was well again - that is until next week anyway!

There was a ray hope for the women of Shieldinch in the form of Gregory's Girl Stella! No gold digging or nasty manipulation from her, just some good fun and sticking it to the man (that man being Raymond on this occasion). Raymond thought that a girl couldn't play football but Stella made him eat his words when she scored the winning goal at the charity footie match. Go Stella! And Robbie made a much better cheerleader than her anyway!

Let us know what you though of this week's episode by commenting below.

Quote of the Week
Molly (while ordering at the bar): "I'll go mad, a wee voddy and orange. Oh, no that fresh stuff!"

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