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The Magic Bump

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Anna F | 14:55 UK time, Friday, 20 August 2010

Photo of pregnancy costumes on the rail
What's warm, cosy and flesh-toned? Need another clue?
These things live in the River City costume room, and Eileen will be getting to grips with them in the next few months. Yes, we're talking about the pregnancy 'bumps' which Deirdre has started wearing as her character adjusts to becoming an expectant mother.

By far the most intriguing items in the River City wardrobe room are the selection of costumes used to create the effect of a pregnancy. You immediately want to handle and squeeze the odd, skin-toned suits. They are also surprisingly lightweight.

Photo of a pregnancy costumePhoto of a pregnancy costume

Claire Pettifer, the costume designer on River City, let us in on some of the secrets behind the bumps.

Eileen's pregnancy wardrobe - tell us more.
Pregnancy costumes do depend on the actor's shape so they can vary quite a lot. When Eileen gets four/five months into her pregnancy, we use the first bump under her clothes. That's the stage that we're at now. After a while Eileen's bump will go up a stage.

How are the 'bumps' to wear?
The padded costumes are very warm and comfortable! For some reason people think the suits will be really heavy, but they are very cosy and soft to wear. Dressing in the suit is similar to carrying round a cocoon. They are fantastic costumes to wear in the winter when it's chilly on set.


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