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Love and other distractions

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Anna F | 21:18 UK time, Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Photo of HayleyAttract, flatter, manoeuvre - it seems Drew's tactics do work. But we all know it was Bob's charm which really worked a treat on Iona. We were so crushed on the big man's behalf. Why is love so complicated? Jack and Hayley are no doubt thinking the same thing...


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    Are Mitchell and Webb the least funny 'comedians' on television (apart from Lenny Henry)?

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    Hayley and Jack are well matched. They're both madly in love with themselves.

    Big Bob almost made me have a big sob.

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    I am really enjoying the interaction between Bob and Drew. It's also good to see Iona having some fun. Hope we see more of Bob and the Bob Tones but it looks like they'll be going the way of most bands i.e. breaking up due to jealousy/squabbles over love interest. I hope poor Bob finds true love.

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    Och poor Bob i really felt so sorry for him.If only Drew had said that he really wanted to go out with Iona then at least Bob would have just left it.But their again if only Bob had told Drew that it was Iona he was wanting to go out with then i wonder if Drew would have backed off because he would then know just how much Bob wanted to be with Iona.When Iona got that note i really thought that Drew had put Bobs name too it knowing that he felt so much for Iona,but unfortunately that wasnt the case.Nevermind maybe Iona will see and realise just how much she likes Bobs company rather than Drews and hopefully Bob and Iona will get together.He must have been really upset when Iona said she was going out with Drew.Fingers crossed that Iona and Bob do get together.If Jack honestly feels the same way as Haley does about him then Jack should just tell Gordon.She needs to know if their is a future for them both together or if hes just not that interested.Not much wonder poor Haleys upset and is feeling very let down.Good to see Jo back again and so much better than before.It was kind of her to want to help out Ruth and Andy, but obviously Ruth does not want a big white wedding and jo will just have to understand that its her choice as its her wedding day afterall.


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