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To err is human

Rishi Persad | 13:24 UK time, Friday, 24 April 2009

How do you deal with making mistakes? Do you sit and stew over them? Or do you put them to the back of your mind and move on?

During the World Snooker Championships we are live on air for so many hours that it's almost impossible to avoid any errors for the duration of the event.

At the end of each day I get back to my hotel room and think about all the things I have done wrong or things I could have done better. Perhaps I should simply forget them and move on. I'm not sure. But I think its only human to assess yourself. In fact, sometimes it happens sub-consciously.

Fortunately I am working with an excellent production team who do all they can to ensure that everything is in place for as little to go wrong as possible and they instill confidence in you with their words of encouragement.

Steve Davis and John Parrott

But sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we are doing and so absorbed in our own little worlds that we forget to appreciate the privileges of the job.

I am at the greatest snooker tournament in the world and I get to sit and chat with legends such as John Parrott and Steve Davis every day. It sometimes seems surreal to be watching the action as Stephen Hendry, Ronnie et al are strutting their stuff on the tables while sharing a coffee with Steve and John in the studio.

I have to keep reminding myself just how lucky I am to be in this position as it can be tempting to get carried away with what I am doing and the self importance of it all.

Luckily the amount of ribbing that goes on between us keeps our feet firmly on the ground and there are enough voices in the production 'gallery' taking the mickey to also ensure that we never take ourselves too seriously.

A few of us went out for dinner together last night and it was almost like being back at school again as our director, Clare Michel, and John Parrott engaged in trying to see who could stuff more ice down each others tops without the other noticing.

I reckon Clare had more success as John was distracted by the large glass of red wine that had been inadvertently spilt down his shirt. Typically JP took it all in good heart, though is currently is his room with bottle of Vanish and the sniffles.

Having embarrassed myself with a poor gag in front of Stephen Hendry last Friday, I did it again while having breakfast with Dennis Taylor. I thought I'd impress the 1985 World Champion by reminding him of the 'Big Break' theme tune - you all remember it, right - "I'm gonna be snookering you, snookering you, snookering you tonight" etc.

It's amazing how polite these snooker guys are.

Anyway the tournament itself is just coming to the boil as we approach the second round. I thought my tip Mark Selby looked good in his first round win over Ricky Walden and am keeping my fingers crossed that he meets Ronnie in the semis - that would be some match.

As I have mentioned before no matter what we all say and do the most important ingredient in the success of this tournament is the quality of the snooker and nearly all the major protaganists are still involved.

The players know that they can't afford to make too many mistakes at this stage.


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