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IRFS Weeknotes #117

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Chris Godbert | 11:15 UK time, Friday, 20 July 2012

It feels like things are really starting to come together on the two big projects most of the team are working on (ABC-IP and FI-Content). We're re-using code, ideas and learning from a raft of recent work, there's lots of pairing and discussion happening all around and the office walls are crammed with wireframes. Here's a quick round-up of what's been happening on them and our other projects this last week.....

On ABC-IP this week it's been all hands on deck getting ready for the first public release of the World Service prototype to a small set of users. Chris L has been adding in some moderation features to help us deal with complaints about any of the content in the site that might arise during the experiment. Andrew was resolving some small bugs and styling up the pages to bring them into line with the latest set of designs. Pete continued to iterate on the interface and created some wireframes for the next set of priority features.

The FI-Content team have been hard at work wrapping up the latest set of features on the authentication prototype. James has been looking at some improvements to the back-end streaming infrastructure, while Dan and Andrew looked at some of the UI features. There has also been some planning for the next iteration taking place; the aim is to have an authenticated, secondary device acting as a controller for the 'EgBox' which can be demonstrated at the upcoming NEM Summit. In parallel to all this, Barbara and Chris N have been working on a deliverable report for the wider project which is due next week.

In other news, Michael has spent the week scoping out a starting tech position paper for the Internet of Things project work we're starting, along with associated necessary context. Yves and Chris L are paying a return visit to Mick Grierson (see weeknotes #108) at Goldsmiths this afternoon. And finally, Yves and Olivier had some fun contributing French-accented voice-overs for a BBC3 documentary on "beating Usain Bolt"; Duncan had seemingly managed to watch it twice without realising the dulcet tones were theirs.


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