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Prototyping Weeknotes #47 (28/01/11)

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Paul Tweedy | 16:44 UK time, Saturday, 29 January 2011

Lots happening this week, with some projects entering their closing stages and new ideas & workstreams springing up left, right and centre. Monday begins with George in a telco, in preparation for a trip to Brussels to answer questions from the Commission about a collaborative project that's got through to the next stage of the process. There's a useful RadioDNS catch up with various team members to discuss how to get our trial into alpha testing. George & Chris G hunker down to plot a path for the next 3 months, and Tris delves into some scoping about Sherlock. Duncan's writing up some control research he did with a Microsoft Kinect.


On Tuesday, George disappears off to Brussels early doors for his projet meeting. There are rehearsals and discussions with some of the other project leaders attending, about how best to get across the points we want to make. He reports 'the inquisition went well', and there's even time for some kriek before the train home. Chris G rolls his sleeves up and sorts through a whole load of equipment, peripherals and cables in preparation for some building work in the office happening soon. All sorts of ancient tech is uncovered, and now we know exactly what we've got.

Chris G, Theo and myself catch up on some great UX ideas that Theo's put together for our Dashboard project, "researching the perfect traffic light system to offer an accessible and comprehensible interface". It's looking good and helps answer some questions on the data validation work that I'm leading.

Wednesday sees Tris and Kat presenting their ideas for two new potential projects, Watch Later and Personal Data Store. We're all interested and there's some enthusiastic discussion. Sean and Chris are both very busy beavering away at writing up the last couple of month's work with the Twitter Firehose. There's still more to do and a lot to capture. Sean's doing a general dive into cloud technology, and isn't too impressed with Larry Ellison's view of it all. Not to worry, he's also found an interesting way of creating a music visualiser using JRuby.

Mark and Duncan are hard at work on shaping up the AudioSync service into something solid. Theo's advising on UX for this and came up with some great interaction flow & animation advice for the UI. There's also a breakthrough on getting R&D's multicast streams of the BBC DVB-T service plumbed into the service's backend, which will be essential for a good timing reference.

Thursday's a bustling day in the office with lots of visitors. Justin and Mark from the R&D Research Platforms team come along to our weekly Section meeting to explain about the various systems and services that R&D are bringing in. Our new HR team pop in and answer some questions. Chris G and I do some planning. Kat, Sean and Chris N present a review and the current state of the Firehose project to the rest of the team. I finish off doing my first round of validation on a data project I'm working on.

Friday's a bit calmer and Chris N gets his head into Atom feeds and MPEG-7 metadata. There's some more office refactoring ready for next week as Mark and I move a fridge.


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