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Prototyping Weeknotes #29 (27/08/10)

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Paul Tweedy | 16:09 UK time, Thursday, 26 August 2010

There's still some team members away on holiday at the moment, but things certainly aren't standing still. A number of new and exciting projects are appearing on the radar, and Chris G in particular is diligently shoving us all into darkened rooms to think hard about them and what we might do.

Chris B and Duncan spent the majority of the beginning of the week at an internal training course on iOS development. Sean has been working along with Tristan and myself on a detailed technical writeup of BBC Zeitgest that we're aiming to publish very soon. He's also been working on changing the EPG data source for our digital programme guide prototype from a deprecated feed to MythTV's own off-air feed for greater resilience.

Theo's working up some new use cases for the wrap-up of our Digital Friends prototype. I pushed on with some ops work, which led me to an interesting post on whether developers should have access to production. 'Sort of, sometimes, maybe' seems to be the consensus.

Towards the end of the week, Chris N is doing some research into the details of various social media APIs to support a future work proposal, as well as fixing some bugs in the RadioDNS N900 client and dealing with some operational tasks. Duncan has built a cool browser extension for both Chrome and Safari to integrate BBC Redux with our /programmes pages.

Sean has been doing some digging and costings into hosting options for one of our larger, more complex future projects. George, Theo and Vicky do some interviewing for the new Senior Designer role. I'm working with our friends over in R&D Technology Transfer and the Future Media legal team on wrapping Zeitgest up. Chris B has started work on some new ideas for in-home content distribution across devices.

Over on the BBC Internet blog, George announced the exciting new Senior Technologist for Internet Standards role that is now live on the BBC Jobs site. We're also excited about an interesting visualisation built by our Learning and R&D colleagues to pull related web content into live TV streams.
By Friday, George is pleased about having an afternoon free of meetings, but not before some more discussion about RadioDNS and a telco to wrap up before the long weekend. Tristan is writing up the thinking on our next steps with Twitter. I'm writing these notes up and doing some wiki hacking to prepare the ground for world domination through great documentation.


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