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The World of Gaming According to Roll Deep's J2K : Week 3

Producer Woman | 20:59 UK time, Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Yes people J2K but in the place. What's going on?

I'm back to bring you the next latest installment into "J2K's Gaming World". Okay so last week I was giving you my top 3 valuable gaming tips. (If you missed check it here). I hope you guys paid attention and took note. Very useful stuff!

So this week I've been asked to give you my top 5 games of all time. (Of all time - you know!) So this is one I had to think about to make sure I got them all in, and make sure that I represent correctly. So after a bit of thought this is what I came up with. Now can I just add these are in now particular order. (Very important to stress this). Have a butchers and let me know what you think.

(Remember no order particular order... cool).

1. Street Fighter:
I mean if this ain't in anybodies 5 then please don't talk to me we have nothing in
in common!!! Lol.


2. California Games:
This is old school but I remember this being a real challenge to get through the
events, u had to have real skills for this.

3. Pro Evo :
Need I say anymore.

4. Time Crises :
Nuff action full on shoot em up at its best. Rught up my street mate!!

5. Sonic the Hedgehog :
Cause it use to trance me out. Lol.



My most memorable gaming moment has to be clocking Street Fighter for the first time with KEN and thinking "is that it?" I was always disappointed with the endings on that game the amount of hours I put into that game I felt I deserved more. I got that feeling with a few games still!

Other then that I do remember watching one of my cousins on one them gaming shows on TV. One back in the day talking about he lost cause he's hands were cold....kmt! Propa let down man!!! Looool shout outs to Bradley Thomas hahaha yes that's your name and I'm baiting you up! I SHOULDA BEEN ON THAT SHOW!

Okay I'm gone for another week people, hope you got a bit more of an insight into how I get down when it comes to my gaming habits. Next week is my final blog post (wow can't believe time has gone that quick). Make sure you check me back then, where I'll be telling you about about my ultimate gaming experience amongst other things. Okay I'm out.

Bless Up.


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