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The World of Gaming According to Roll Deep's J2K Week 2

Producer Woman | 00:31 UK time, Thursday, 10 June 2010


S'up bloggers, J2K back in the place.

Yeah it week I'm continuing my reign on this gaming blog, whilst Rampage go and make me a cuppa (2 sugars boys!). So last week you got a little taste of my gaming history, worst defeat, longest time I spent on game etc.... This week's I'm giving you some valuable tips that you need to know when gaming, check this out....


1. Your TV has to be no less then 20 inches and NEEDS to be a good quality TV
its not about that ancient TV your nan used had back in the day. TRUST ME!!

2. Make sure you have a dud pad spare for any tournaments that take place.

3. Always be ready to press the reset button incase of any emergency (i.e losing
by some sort of accident! Lol)



Back in the day one game that I couldn't stop playing had to be Sonic th Hedgehog the game had me completely gassed! Particularly the music that played a massive part in it it was hypnotic I remember my nan use to come in the room and shout at me to blink I was completely tranced out swear down Lol! Doctor Robotnic used to make the hair stand up at the back of my neck real talk!! His intro music was a nexxxxt tiiiing!!!

On a more recent gaming situation though there still ain't a game that can hold my attention longer then Pro Evolution can! Actually its between that and Fight Night!! Although I aint played that for ages.

That's me for another week, check back with me next week to find out what my top 5 games of all time are, (bwoy ...thats gonna be a tough one, gotta give it some serious thought ), so hit me back next week and see if you agree with my top 5.

Bless up.


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