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Will you be buying the new Ipad?

Treble T | 17:00 UK time, Friday, 29 January 2010


So the latest news in is that Apple have announced the launch of the ipad. Check out the details here.

Hmmm... the jury's out on this on, to me it looks like a really big iphone and sounds like it does the same stuff but er bigger....I'm not sure if you'll want this, if you already own a Toppa top laptop cos this is basically a laptop that is all screen.

Also a big sticking point is the price which is between £300-£500 a bit on the flippin pricey if you ask me. What DO you lot reckon? Are you an iphone owner or fan? Would you buy it?


  • Comment number 1.

    Whilst the big screen and easier to use keyboard are both tempting additions to my homes already extensive gadget collection. As Apple have built this with only the ability to run a single application at a time I see no reason to get one what so ever.

    I think most people are like me and what to be able to sit on MSN Messenger and what with mates whilst browsing the Internet. The fact that I could only do one of these at a time completely puts me off buying one.

    So for now I'll just stick with sitting with my iPhone on the sofa for quickly looking something up, perhaps I'll get one of these when it is able to handle multiple applications. I still think the iPhone should be able to do that as well mind.



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