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Rampage's Top 5 Movie Games of all time.

Mike Anthony | 14:32 UK time, Wednesday, 27 January 2010


This week on 1Xtra is all about Movie Week. We've gone big on movies we think are gonna be hot for 2010.

So naturally it got us thinking about games....

Now when it comes to movies and games we tend to struggle with balancing the two. I'm talking wicked man film and bad bwoy game..... like I said STRUGGLING! However there have been some really good movie games (Some!(.. We've dug deep on this to come up with our Rampage topp-a-top 5.

5. Wolverine
Violent, graphic and a favourite for superhero lovers. Mans game.

4. Matrix
One of the most faithful adaptations to a film. Ground breaking.

3. Avatar
New, cutting edge graphics (in 3D) and a compliment to the film.

2. Star Wars Battlefronts
3rd person shooter multilayer in the Star Wars World. AW SOME!

1. Lord of the Rings: Conquest
Addictive, big battles, big graphics and big big big story!

So thats ours, do you agree? What's your top 5 ? We wanna know, post a comment and get involved. Come on hurry up!!



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