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Army of Two: The 40th Day, Is it worth a Play?

Treble T | 10:36 UK time, Thursday, 21 January 2010


Here comes yet another shoot 'em up, this time of the 3rd person variety.

Have you seen the advert yet? That's right Mike and myself are doing our blue screen thing. So this game enters a real crowded market for a shoot 'em up, especially as Call of Duty is still top of the charts. There are definitely good things in this game that set it apart from the rest.

'Army of Two' goes big on the co op play and most of the missions include you and someone else having to work together in order to succeed. Flanking the enemy and catching them by surprise with teamwork is the order of the day.

Graphically the game looks good in HD and on large screen TVs which looks amazing as well. The audio is pretty cool too, pumping it through the sound system makes you feel like your in a real warzone. My biggest problem with this game is the gameplay cos its a 3rd person shooter and the aiming of weapons takes some getting used to. The control method to switch views were also quite awkward and I died several times on easy!!!! Now I'm a bad boy gamer and don't do "dying on easy" so something must be wrong.

Playing 'Army of 2' I was struck by how similar to Gears of War and Rainbow 6 it was. If you don't own any of the more recent shoot 'em up games then this would be a good purchase because it is a very good game that also boosts great online play and requires the gamer to think and work together more than you would in any other game.

As is the current trend, the intro cinematic scene took about 15 minutes to complete and really looks like a movie. There is quite a lot of comedy in this game as well, where Rios and Salem (The Army of 2) cussing each other about height and manhood.

All in all even though people might miss out on this game because of the Call of Duty hype anyone who does buy it won't be disappointed. Available on Xbox, PS3 and PSP and a definite over 18 Army of 2 scored a respectable 4 out of 5 joysticks

Xbox, PS3
Four joysticks


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