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Rampages Gaming Highlights from 2009.

Treble T | 11:30 UK time, Thursday, 31 December 2009


Treble T:
I gotta say this year's been a GREAT year for gaming, I've had a good time and some real memorable occasions this year reviewing games and quite a few spring to mind like previewing Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic games. The Bob sled with four people on the Wii is hilarious, trying to get everyone to lean in the right direction is harder than it sounds.

Funnily enough going to interview Phil"The power Taylor" for PDC Darts on the Wii was quite interesting as they had girls from Nuts magazine wearing next to nothing which will always add spice to any interview if you ask me. I gotta give major props to the guys at Rockstar. They invited us over for an exclusive preview of Grand Theft Auto and Beaterator. We ate Chinese and chilled all afternoon playing on their massive screen and really got to grips with the games.

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Whats are the best Karaoke games to play at Xmas?

Treble T | 13:00 UK time, Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Now as we endure the age of X Factor, there are so many different titles that all do the same thing with slight variations.

So we have Singstar, Guitar hero, Band hero, Lips, U sing, We sing, Rock band and even Lego Rock Band. I wouldn't be surprised if they have a Karaoke mission in the next edition of Modern Warfare! Depending on what you want to do affects which game is best for you. Which one do you have? And if you ain't got one which do you want?

One deciding factor is price with some add on costing the best part of £100 for guitars, drum kits, microphones and so on, it can prove to be a bit pricey!

You'll also need to think about what tunes you like with a massive variation in songs available, there's Abba's ones Motown ones, even special editions of Guitar hero with Metallica and the Beatles have been very popular.

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Whose your favourite gaming character?

Treble T | 16:00 UK time, Thursday, 24 December 2009


So the votes are in and apparently, after 28 years, over 100 games and sales of over 222 million, new research recently carried out by YouGov across Europe reveals the Italian dynamo, Mario as the best-loved video game character of all time.

Now for me I have several characters that I've hung out with on multiple occasions. For several years Ken from Street Fighter was my bezzy mate cos we kicked up all opposition that came before us.

I then had a cyber affair with Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) we discovered ancient artifacts stopped power hungry dictators and also saved the world from falling into darkness then Lara started making movies so I left her and along came Solid Snake from Metal Gear solid. We saved the world many times and no one even said thanks. Now whenever I bump into Ken, Snake or Lara it still raises a smile.

What characters make you smile? I know one of Mikes was Krakos, but I wanna know about you guys. Whose your favourite gaming character of all time? Pacman, Sonic the Hedgehog....??

Come on don't be on a long one!I


Rampage's Xmas guide to gaming for Adults

Producer Woman | 12:08 UK time, Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Part 2 of Rampage's Christmas guide to gaming, this time we've decided to help you out with potential pressies for the adults. Them games you might have been hearing about throughout the year, but have forgotten about. Well Mike and Trebs are here to give you a little reminder.

There's been so many good games this year, that if you're not up on your gaming knowledge, your head may be about to explode with confusion!! Fear not, Rampage are here to save the day, with their advice on the best games to get for Christmas.

Just take a listen...

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Rampage's Xmas guide to games for the Kids n' Family.

Producer Woman | 19:22 UK time, Tuesday, 22 December 2009


So guys that time is almost upon us, and as we scramble like mad chickens and make that crazy last minute dash for the shops. In the bid to get those Christmas pressies for friends and family. STOP!!

I thought I'd get Mike and T to give some of you a helping hand. With their Xmas guide to games for the kids and family, since their like big kids themselves, who better to advise on some of the big games out there.

I understand how it can be when you're completely stumped for what to get members of your family, searching for potential presents can be LOOOONNG!

So take a listen to their guide, and hopefully we'll be able to help you out!

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What Gadget Would You Like for Christmas?

Mike Anthony | 18:08 UK time, Tuesday, 22 December 2009

gadgetsmontage.jpg's nearly Xmas day and you're hoping Father Christmas in his fat red suite has delivered all the pressies on your list? We all know something's are just too expensive to buy, but that doesn't stop gadgets being high on the list.

Everyone wants some sort of gadget this, laptop, mp3 player, DJ equipment, etc. The list is endless. Whether we get it or not is another matter. I know I'd personally like a boombastic surround, so erm ....if anyone from my family's listening.... Trebs says he wants a larger than life HD Projector so he can play games on the side of his house! (I'd like the new 3Gs iPhone 32gb please Mike - Producer woman).

What about you guys, What gadget do you want for Christmas? More importantly do you reckon you'll actually get it??

HTC, iPhone & the Palm Pre: Are they worth all the Hype?

Mike Anthony | 18:32 UK time, Monday, 21 December 2009

Now when it comes to phones there's always a problem trying to pick the right one to satisfy all your needs. Sometimes we're sold the phone with the biggest hard drive, the quickest processing speed, 45 billion mega pixels and a battery life that effects the climate change!

But to be honest half the time, most of us just want to make a flipin' phone call! Now the reason we've chosen these particular handsets is because either these (or their predecessors) have arguably had the most hype around them this year, but are they any good?

Over the last few weeks I decided to check out these so called hottest phones on the market to see if they're all that and then some? So let me it break down ....

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What Phone Apps Are You Using?

Treble T | 18:43 UK time, Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Are you appy? You sure?

So I've noticed we obviously all have mobile phones and a lot of those phones can have applications installed with the iphone leading the way with about 100,000 apps available to download. (How far we've come from them first brick phones! - Producer Woman)

(Remember a few months back we mentioned TPain had an auto tune app called I am TPain - Producer Woman). I've got a couple on my itouch like ifooty and Paper Thrower but I wanna know what you guys are using. There are loads of apps for the Blackberry and Nokia phones too. Whose installed the Facebook app or the twitter one? Maybe you found some free games that have got you completely hooked.

Leave a comment here and I'm going to compile a top ten free apps from what you guys are feeling, so go ahead make me appy!

What game would you love to play on the front of your house?

Treble T | 12:11 UK time, Monday, 14 December 2009

I dunno about you but if you've been watching TV lately you've probably noticed NUFF ads for Games and consoles at the moment. This is obviously in the lead up to Christmas, but gotta say this is by far the best advert for a game ever. This guy Ric Turner in the States has covered his entire house in Xmas decorations and lights. (Nothing unusual about that right? Erm except that its in the shape of the screen layout of Guitar Hero and guess what you can PLAY IT!!!

Errr I don't think you heard me, I said YOU CAN PLAY IT!! Playing an entire house as your screen takes gaming to another level that even I am impressed with. Apparently there was 21,268 lightbulbs and LEd's used. I gotta say 10 out of 10 for effort, although as a special effects expert the guy does have a bit more knowledge than the average person, when it comes to things like this.

Regardless though who needs a HD TV when you can just sit in your front garden with a wireless add on. Wish I'd thought of it, I'd be camping out on the lawn 24/7!

Check the video here:

So we wanna know what game would you love to play on the front of your house? Mine would Forza 3, and Mike's would be DJ Hero. Can you imagine the gameplay ? It would be SICK!! Let us know yours.

Zelda: Spirit Tracks review

Sam Page | 11:05 UK time, Friday, 11 December 2009


There are certain games, from certain games series I await. The Zelda series is one of those and Spirit Tracks was certainly one of those games. As soon as it landed on my desk, I had ripped off the plastic and shoved it straight into my DS console and got down to business. I do promise however to be constructive with my review, though I'm a massive fan.

Spirit Tracks is the second original Zelda to grace the DS console, and like its predecessor Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass it is styled in the same cell shaded fashion we saw on the Game Cubes Zelda: Windwaker.

So the story goes as follows... Link (You) are a trainee steam engine driver and have been summoned to Hyrule castle by princess Zelda to graduate as a full fledged driver. Once you get there it all kicks off and I'm not going to spoil it for you but as most my favourite games entail, you have to save the princess.

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Are you a Gaming Junkie?

Mike Anthony | 11:22 UK time, Thursday, 10 December 2009


I have to admit that since the release of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the hours I've put in have been ridiculous!! My whole life seems to be passing me by. When I see my friends constantly on-line (until 5am) I know where they are, but meeting up for a social has gone out the window.

What's happened to everyone? Dev from Radio1 and BBC Switch had to give his copy to his mum otherwise no studying would be getting done! What about Fifa10, There's another game that keeps you completely glued to the TV......Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, Rainbow 6, the list is endless. What is now apparent and blatantly obvious is that the gaming fraternity has succeeded in DRUGGING US!!!! We are addicts people and we're becoming more gaming junkies.

I want you to think about this and be honest? The first step is being able to admit it. The second step is being able to talk to someone about it. We want you to tell us how many hours do you spend playing video games? DON'T LIE!!!!! TELL THE TRUTH!!! WE CAN HELP YOU....... Ok the last ones a lie but leave your hours on the wall and the game that has you hooked, and we'll try our best to help, from one addict to another....


Check out the new Mercedes SLR added to Forza 3!

Mike Anthony | 12:33 UK time, Wednesday, 9 December 2009


The advert always gets me!!! You look at the cars and think they're real...... then you realise its FORZA 3! Brap! I tell you! MORE BRAP for new cars we can download.....Ferrari's 2010 458 Italia. The brand new 2010 Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss and the new Audi S4. I'm in HEAVEN!

They've described it as the " Hot Holiday Pack". Well it was flippin roasting, when we stepped out of the1Xtra towers, and there it was, a vision of beauty before my eyes. The brand spanking new Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss waiting for us to climb inside (yep an actual real one peeps!!).....I felt like I was 5yrs old with a ruck sack stacked with jellybabies. The car retails at £425'000, I mean thats like cruising around in a NICE house!

With only 500 made worldwide and we actually got to cruise in one. (I love my job!). Holy Shizzle, now I can't wait to get home and play the game again.... Well sadly its the closest I'm gonna get to being in that car again.... Check the pics.

Avatar : Is it worth the wait?

Treble T | 11:45 UK time, Monday, 7 December 2009


Now usually games that are released as spin offs to movies suffer from being overshadowed by the movie and thus a lot of the time are complete rubbish.
This time however enough has been done to make sure Avatar doesn't go the same way.

Set on the planet Pandora the human race once again have to battle for survival. This is a third person shooter with a bit of action adventure thrown in. My initial demo of this was on a 3D tv and I've gotta say I was quite impressed.

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Mike Anthony | 15:39 UK time, Wednesday, 2 December 2009


When I played Wheelspin earlier this year I believed the game was nearing completion. The only description that came to mind at the time was "Wipe-out on wheels" frantically fast, hard to control, bouncing and falling off tracks that would look brilliant. Howver now having played the completed game....Let me apologise for disrespecting Wipe-out by even mentioning it in the same breathe, gotta say Wheelspin is SHOCKINGLY POOR!

Even without a steering wheel you'd think I get the handling right eventually right....errr NO!

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F1 2009

Treble T | 14:25 UK time, Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Formula one on the Nintendo Wii has arrived. Now this franchise has been around for ages but its the first time its been made available on the Wii. (Good look for Nintendo).
So now all kinds of arm waving frolics are possible because of course you have to use the motion control to steer your car around the track.

The first thing that strikes you is how good this game looks, possibly the best looking game on the Wii that I've seen. Beautiful...... (top marks for this).

Next up this game tackles the problem of Fomula one generally being more boring than watching paint dry. You still have all the driving aids which brake for you, show you the racing line, prevent you spinning and all the other mistakes you could make in a race car hence making it as easy as pressing X in order to win. (Definitely good for new gamers).

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