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Gemma & Edith Bowman get busy on the Wii Fit Plus

Producer Woman | 16:40 UK time, Monday, 2 November 2009


Hi Bloggers, what's up. Gemma from the1Xtra Breakfast show here!

Wiii fitting with Edith was a lot more fun than I had expected. Firstly I forgot the appropriate clothing, so I improvised with a 1Xtra T-shirt that was lying around in the office and a pair of swimming goggles, being the true professional of the two of us, Ed turned up green hot pants and hair in bunches!

Okay, so it took a while to set up, though the Wii proved itself as 'serious' in the fitness stakes by asking way to many personal questions, age, weight, height etc, (to be honest it was a bit annoying the length of time it took).

Hardcore giggling then soon followed once we'd got involved with some equally hardcore Rhythmic boxing, marching and hula hooping. The downside is we couldn't get down to it together because only one person could use the pad at once. But I did crack up quite alot, especially when we did some crazy Kung-Fu aerobics, and the Penguine sliding which Edith absolutely loved! The visuals were quite good too, and the l little mii's that Treble T created for me and Edith was actually quite spot on, (shouts to T) and just as bad at sports.....

For someone who does game, I have to say that overall it was super fun! Though I would worry about becoming a strange gaming fitness hermit if I owned one...

Gemma xx

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