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Max Review's Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics

Producer Woman | 18:31 UK time, Friday, 16 October 2009


You might not know this, but I'm a bit of a gamer I have a PSP, PS3 and a Wii too. (Not bad huh?). Now I've been pestering them Rampage boys to hook me up with a game and be part of their games blog for ages now, and finally they've been off most of the week so I finally got my chance, and what a game to review!! Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics yessssss!!!

For fans of Mario you won't be disappointed, there's good multi player options, this is definitely one for the family, it beats shooting peoples faces off and made me feel like a kid again I was hooked, so much so my housemate caught me playing late last night thinking I was a weirdo screaming and laughing by myself!!

In terms of the game itself, the audio was cool, but bit basic could be a better, while the graphics although clear, were a bit basic. Now with characters like Mario and Luigi its clearly addictive for kids and a definite Christmas must have. In terms of the activity it's not as demanding as track n field type of games, but if your a first time gamer, a kid or a Mario die hard fan you'll love this I guarantee.

I particularly enjoyed the Skiing and the Bobsleighing, especially because I played while using the Wii board it takes some getting used to it but once you get your movement right it makes it more real, (and definitely more fun).

I definitely recommend this game it will make you smile, if you wanna have some serious fun with you friends and family this is definitely the game for you!!

Rated: 3+
: DS and Wii

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