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Mike vs Moyles on new Fifa 10

Treble T | 13:39 UK time, Friday, 4 September 2009


Today was a special day, we got wait for it exclusive look and play with Fifa 2010 today. (Love my job sometimes!). Chris Moyles from Radio1 came up cos he's a big footy fan like us. A challenge was thrown down with the winner getting to keep the only copy in the country!!

Now they were gonna use the teams they actually support (Leeds and West Ham), but I said thats rubbish no goals would ever get scored so they decided to use Arsenal and Spurs, still rubbish but at least I've heard of em! So the battle commenced and Moyles didn't even have the right settings!!.

He done alright until half time then he fixed them and everything changed!
Listen to the audio if you wanna see who won....

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The actual game is an improvement over the last edition and looks and feels very slick.
The graphics have been souped up and for the 1st time ever in a football game your players can turn through every single one of the 360 degree turning circle. (Baaad!)

All the add ons from the last edition are still there, like the online updating so your teams stats mirror those of the team in real life.

Keep checking the blog for the full review in the next coming weeks. (Very big!).

Big up Moylesey for getting involved, I'm coming for you when Modern Warfare drops!!



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