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Mum’s The Word

  • Kim Lenaghan
  • 2 Mar 08, 09:33 AM

I hardly need to remind you that today is mother’s day….and if I do, can I also remind you that even though it is Sunday the shops will soon be open for the purchase of flowers, cards, chocs, perfume, or whatever you think might tickle your mum’s fancy.

In fact, you probably don’t need to buy anything at all because the one thing that all these lovely ladies tend to have in common is that they’re usually pretty easy to please. Yes, whilst mothers come in all shapes and sizes, whether they’re yummy mummies or great grannies, any thoughtful gesture will be gratefully received. Make them lunch, hoover the carpet, weed the garden, clean the windows, do the ironing - and who wouldn’t consider such a sacrifice to be the most precious gift of all because, let’s face it, everybody hates ironing!!!

Of course they’re all different and whether they’re saints like ‘marmee’ in Little Women or silly social climbers like Mrs Bennett in Pride and Prejudice we love them just the same. Indeed, wouldn’t it be nice if we could be as forgiving of their shortcomings as they are to ours.

As for my own mother….sometimes she drives me insane, she’s always worrying about me despite the fact that I’m in my 40’s, she rings me up and whitters on about stuff I’m not interested in, she insists on embarrassing me in front of my friends with inappropriate stories from my childhood, she still thinks she knows best and lectures me about not getting enough sleep and going out with my hair wet…..and I wouldn’t want her any other way!

She brought me into the world, she brought me up, she made me tidy my room and do my homework, she gave me the values that I have, she gave me unquestioning love and, along with my lovely, late dad, she made me the person I am today…and I’m pretty certain I’m not alone in saying this! Most mums are exactly the same.

So, make sure you let them know today, even if you don’t on the other 364, how much they mean to you ….and if you’re a mum yourself remember it is the ideal opportunity to spoil and be spoiled – and make the most of it, it only happens once a year.

You can also ring in with a dedication to Radio Ulster this afternoon from 3-5pm when Kerry McLean is presenting a Mum’s The Word special – I’ve got my mum’s request on already. I know she’ll be chuffed, and your mum would be too, so get dialling from 2pm onwards on 08459 555678.

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