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Let's Get Lost (Slight Return)

  • Stuart Bailie
  • 5 Feb 08, 09:48 AM

Stuart Bailie.jpgThere’s was a kind of arrogance about the start of Lost, Series Four. It was assumed that you knew the characters, that you remembered the serpentine plot of 2007 and that you were still suspending your belief in this strained idea. They were asking a lot.

Meantime, there’s Hurley, gunning his vintage Camaro, chased by the cops and spooked by the ghost of his island buddy. He’s in some future time, back home and coming to terms with his celebrity status as a member of the Oceanic Six. Hey? Before we have time to analyse much, the storyline yanks like a bungee rope and we’re back on the beach, warring over the nature of the apparent rescuers, out there on the sea.

ben3.jpgLocke has gone royally mad, Jack is pulling that constipated look that passes for heroism and Ben is steadily mutating into Thom Yorke from Radiohead, scorned and tortured. How will they be reconciled, and why do the future survivors want to go back to the island?

Like many viewers, I’m no longer involved. The tension of those early episodes has given way to a resigned feeling that the Lost producers can be freely whimsical, indulgent and silly. Industrial action by the Writers Guild Of America has already curtailed the new series to eight episodes. Actually, it might do no harm to lose some of that excess.

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