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I’ve got a right to disappear

Friday 1 February 2013, 12:09

Ricky Ross Ricky Ross Presenter

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I have a friend who quotes another fellow interrupting himself half way through an anecdote, ‘I’ll have to stop, I’m boring myself.’ I began to feel the same way this week. I’ve talked about music too much and I just want to get down to playing some. So we’ll do that and, for those of you who missed it on Radio 2, we’ll play that entire Mavericks encounter out as well as some tracks from the brilliant reunion show they put on last week at Celtic Connections.

Mavericks and Ricky Ross Mavericks and Ricky Ross The band were in fine form with the core 5 members being augmented by an additional double bass player, brass section and ace accordion player. As the great Eddie Stubbs of WSM would say, you may have gone to a few concerts before…but this was a show. We’ll hear all about why there’s been no Mavericks for 10 years and why they’re back and happier than they’ve ever been.

We will also have time to play some new music so look out for some new tracks by Matthew White and Lindi Ortega. If that’s not enough we are also very lucky to have a very early visit from this man…

John Fullbright John Fullbright He’s from Oklahoma and he includes Randy Newman, Jimmy Webb and Mickey Newbury among his influences as well as the man many credit as the Godfather of Americana, Townes Van Zandt. His name is John Fullbright and he his debut album has made a huge impression in the US over the last few months. Before it even came out here it had been Grammy nominated. If you want to hear what the fuss is about you’ll just have to listen to Another Country.

Now do yourself a favour, if you can’t hear the show live on Friday, listen to that song by Jimmy Webb I quote at the top of this piece. It will make your day. Or better still join us on Friday at five past eight on BBC Radio Scotland when you can hear it live and a lot more besides.

I won’t be doing Sundays for a month or so but this Sunday you can hear Richard Holloway interviewing Tony Benn. If that’s not worth getting up at seven on a Sunday Morning I don’t know what is.

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