Download the latest recipes from the Kitchen Cafe International Feast  presented by Pennie Latin and John Beattie.

Download the recipe for John Beattie's beef rendang

Download Ghillie Basan's recipe for halva

Download Peggy Brunache's recipe for Haitian chicken

Download the recipe for Stav Danaos's Afelia

Download Pennie Latin's recipe for homemade bread

Download Andy Cumming's recipe for Cullen skink

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by gm3vlb

    on 23 Jan 2013 14:16

    I regret to say that I have to be very negative with my first post...
    However, having just listened to the Kitchen Café exposé on haggis, I can honestly say that never have I heard such a load of unadulterated tripe...Apart from the fact there didn't appear to be a single Scottish voice (I do realise not all Scots speak with a Weejie accent!), it seemed to be a competition amongst the presenters to see who could come up with the most destructive recipe for a near-national and traditional food. Some of the additional ingredients and methods of serving were quite beyond belief. Few if any of the contributions/contributors sounded sincere...I suspect few, if any, knew anything about whisky, beer or lager, never mind about what goes into the making of a perfect haggis...
    Let's have some expert haggis-making, Scottish butchers on the programme...not plum-in-the-mooth self-styled experts contributing nothing but idiotic culinary experiments.

    gm3vlb, Scottish Borders

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