Sunday Morning with Cathy Macdonald


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My first hour guest on this week’s Sunday Morning with Cathy Macdonald, was the inspiration for one of the most well-known, and certainly, one of my favourite love songs – The First Time Ever I saw Your Face.  Forever associated with the purist form of folk music, legendary singer, Peggy Seeger, mixes it up on her latest album with techno beats and dance rhythms. She talks about that song, written by her then husband and professional partner, Ewen McColl and took me along the musical journey of her lifetime.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary this month how has Oxfam endured so long and what makes people so committed to it?  We hear about the history of the charity and talk to one of the front-line managers about the part it plays in the local as well as the wider community

Alessandro Brustenghi is a Franciscan tenor whose heavenly voice caught the ear of music executives making him the first ever friar to sign a major recording contract. He talks about the link between music and faith

The Pakistan schoolgirl targeted by Taliban gunmen wrote her blogs for the BBC’s Urdu service. We speak to the Editor about how she came to write her diaries for their website.

And as the wives of military servicemen maintain morale in the absence of their menfolk by forming choirs, we join rehearsals at one of the most recent additions to the network, in Edinburgh.  

All this and a  great mix of music to ease you into Sunday morning.  That’s Sunday Morning with me, Cathy Macdonald.  I hope you can join me.

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